Which Is The Best Jump Starter For Diesel Engines?

Best Jump Starter For Diesel Engines
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Are you feeling tired of calling a car maintenance service while on the way just because your battery is dead?

Then, what you need is a jump starter, which can help start your engine again right on the road.

Still, there are countless products on the market with nearly the same specifications, and pushing them all aside from one by one until you eventually get the desired product is obviously not something one would enjoy.

Then, Let’s take a look at our article about the 8 best jump starters for diesel engines to route yourself through this crowded market and head straight to what you see. Into the journey, we go!!


Advantages of Using Jump Starters for Diesel


Jump starters are known to be much safer compared to battery chargers.

To be more specific, the battery charger comes with a jumper cable connecting it to your car battery.

And this little guy can be quite a troublemaker.

Lots of things can go wrong once you hook it the wrong way, which pretty much ends up with you getting hurt.

Also, a battery charger produces more amps that may lead to an electric shock.

Now, let’s move back to the jump starters Contradictory to the aforementioned chargers; some types of these devices do not connect to your battery.

Instead, your vehicle can plug directly into the starters through a 12-volt connection.

Plus, it features a reverse polarity alarm to notify you whenever the cables have entered the jacks.


Let’s talk about the size of the jump starters and the batteries.

Clearly, the former is much smaller and, thus, more compact than the latter.

Therefore, you can take it along with you anywhere you want, for a short trip to the grocery or a multi-day journey somewhere across the country.

It will not swallow up a vast space and, due to this, does not require you to rearrange your car just to make room for it.

In addition, many modern jump starters come with a LED notification to tell you when it is nearly out of energy, which is absolutely helpful in case you are going to go on a long and faraway holiday.

Low Cost

The majority of jump starters are affordable with a price range of from $20 to $150, depending on their size and capacity.

And this is not the best part,  as far as we can tell, a small jump starter is just as cheap as a battery charger and a cable – more reason why you should choose it over the other.

Furthermore, as it is portable, you can also save the cost of roadside assistance in the event of your car breaking down.

High Charging Capability

Another way to charge your diesel engine is to use a stronger battery.

Still, for a jump starter, you can use it more times, which can help to save your money.

Normally, a battery can be used 1000 times and will reduce productivity with time.

In the meantime, unlike the battery, you will not need a specialized charger to get it charged.

What is more, a jump starter can be recharged at home easily with a 220-volt or 110-volt supply, depending on each type.

Another striking advantage of a jump starter is that it can still function properly even when you have left it unused in your cars or garages for months.

In-depth Reviews of The 8 Best Jump Starters for Diesel

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#1 Clore Automotive JNC660 – Best Overall


Editor’s rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

You do not want just any diesel engine jump starter but the best a brand can offer? Then perhaps you would be interested in this Clore Automotive JNC660, a mighty machine from the top-grade brand in the world of automobiles – Clore Automotive!

The first thing to marvel at about this very item is, without a doubt, its robust construction. With the aim to give you the fastest and most effortless engine jump-starting process, Clore Automotive has granted this product with tailored-made components that can handle heavy-duty tasks with ease.

Case in point, it offers 2 AWG cable leads and Industrial Grade clamps that can connect to every battery even when it has seen some use.

And there is more to that.

The power of this mighty beast has been leveraged to the unmatched level with its exceptional Cold Cranking Performance (425 CCA), meaning that it was built to last in severe weather conditions.

Furthermore, when bringing life back to your car, it can generate a maximum current of 1700 Amps!

Plus, the extra features deserve some attention as well.

Coming along with it is a built-in automatic charger, so you can be certain that it is always in ready mode.

Besides, to aid its awesome ability to jump start a car, it is also paired with a long-lasting, durable battery that lets it release the power to the maximum extent.

However, sad as it might sound, this best jump starter for diesel engines is not without flaw.

There is a lack of light, and on this account, working with it at night might not be that easy a job.


  • Robust components
  • Heavy-duty case
  • Jump-N-Carry performance
  • Automatic recharging


  • Limited warranty policy
  • Heavy battery

#2 DBPOWER 13 Portable Car Jump Starter – Best for Multi-function

If you are looking for a portable jump starter, then this DBPOWER 13 Portable Car Jump Starter is a wonderful option!

When we saw this unit at the store for the very first time, we were very amazed by the modest size it comes in.

The whole thing is just 7.5 inches long and 3.4 inches wide, which can fit in one single palm of yours. Besides, you will not need to muster all your strength to lift it.

Despite all the cable, wires, and components packed within, it weighs just around 1.35 lbs.

Putting it next to the other jump starters is just like potting soil next to the sturdy massive rocks.

But will it actually work? Isn’t this size a little bit too… mingy to withhold some massive current?

Well, all we can say is that you should know better not to judge a book by its cover.

Believe it or not, the power output of this jump starter can be up to 2000 amps and you will find no problem starting a 6.5L diesel engine.

This means that if it is the best jump starter for 3l diesel, it is more than enough to fit the bill

In addition, it features a LED flashlight that comes in 3 modes, lighting, SOS, and strobe.

You can use this light in cases of emergencies or at night time.

Nevertheless, the item does not come with an adaptor at all (which serves as its charger if you are wondering) and you will have to get it separately. Kinda a pity!


  • Fast-charging technology
  • Quick ready time
  • Smart portable charger
  • Advanced jumper cables with LED panel


  • Semi-hard case
  • No wall adapter

#3 NOCO GB150 – Best Portable Jump Starter for Diesel

Jump starters are not only used for vehicles, but they can also be used to knock multiple industrial devices back to business.

And the NOCO GB150 is a good example!

For an item that takes on the responsibility of saving your car battery and keeping it in working condition, this item has all the required qualities.

Let’s begin with its battery. This component is packed with 4000 Amps and can last for 40 jump starts once it is fully charged.

One more thing, it works super well with any diesel engine, provided that the engine’s capacity is within 10 liters.

The best has yet to come.

This cutting-edge unit has been built with a wide array of outstanding features, letting it do more than just restore engines’ batteries.

As a matter of fact, it is pocket-sized energy storage because it enables you to charge several USB devices, including your dear smartphone.

But will it end up overloaded, acting up, and blast us with electrical shocks if we force that huge workload upon it?

Worry not! NOCO GB150 is, fair and square, reckoned as one of the safest jump starters that have ever been launched.

Constructed with a top-notch lithium battery, it can last against all sorts of weather.

Not to mention, its specific design ensures that no spark accident will occur as it works.

This can be one of the best lithium-ion jump starters for diesel.

But this does not indicate that everything about it is of great quality.

In fact, the unit is sold without a charger or bag for its cable. Its charging speed is below expectations as well.


  • Multi-function
  • Ultra-safe
  • Compact


  • No extra components
  • Slow charging speed

#4 GOOLOO GP4000 Jump Starter – Best for Safety

Do you want an ultimately safe jump starter? Then, take a look at the GOOLOO GP4000 Jump Starter! It will not disappoint you! Thanks to the advanced protection technology, if there is a surge in the current, voltage, and temperature while you are employing this device, they will all be cut off.

So, as far as we can tell, once you are using this unit, just cast away all those worries concerning sparks or getting electrocuted as none of them will take place at all.

What? Only poor-performance jump starters would come with such promise because they are so low in Amps that there is barely any current within them?

That’s a big misconception, okay! At least in the case of this item.

Despite coming with such a huge safety label, this device is no less powerful than those we have been talking about earlier.

Its peak amps are approximately 4000, and it can recharge any 12 Volt vehicle you have in mind.

Moreover, the LED light coming along is made in 3 modes, which are a flashlight, strobe light, and SOS light.

Hence, if you happen to get lost in the dead of the night while going somewhere off-the-beaten-path, it can totally be your lifesaver

Still, it’s being small causes a minor problem of accessing the buttons if you are wearing gloves.


  • Protection technology
  • SOS light
  • Easy-to-understand manual


  • Difficult to access the buttons with gloves

#5 DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Jump Starter – Most Innovative

Dewalt is an American manufacturer that is well-known all over the world for its state-of-the-art machinery products that make our life a lot easier.

And just like any other thing it has introduced to us, DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Jump Starter is a great jump starter that is worth appreciating.

As the name suggests, the item is a digital jump starter. How exactly is it different from an old-school jump starter, you may ask? Well, there is only one thing, to be honest, but the discrepancy it creates between this and the regular models is beyond impressive.

Thanks to an exclusive component, the 120 PSI Digital compressor, this DEWALT jump starter can automatically stop when your dead battery is fully charged.

Furthermore, this jump starter can reach a peak amp of 1400, which is powerful enough to assist you in recharging the cold dead battery of an industrial vehicle.

So, suppose that you are in search of the best jump starter for a diesel truck, this is the right choice by all means!

On a side note, some users have complained about DEWALT customer service and said that they barely did anything to help.

So, if the item is good, it can accompany your car for a great many months with no issue.

But if there is something wrong with it, you may have to go through a lot to get it fixed.


  • Automatic stop
  • Powerful
  • Patented alternator check


  • Shabby customer service

#6 YABER 2000A Peak 22000mAH 100W Portable AC Jump Starter – Most Durable

The YABER 2000A Peak 22000mAH Portable AC Jump Starter is superior in durability.

Take a look at its features now, and you will be astonished by this device!

This YABER jump starter is made resistant to water and dust.

This means that it can be used in even rainy conditions.

It also requires less cleaning as less dust is stuck on the surface of the unit.

Furthermore, the chips and cables in the device are well-protected by a high-quality circuit board.

Now, you will have a longer-lasting jump starter with fewer worries of explosions.

Besides, it can jump start an 8L diesel engine in seconds with the 2000-amp current.

This is definitely a good choice for those who own a truck, an RV, or a tractor.

One minor disadvantage is that the cables are quite short and users may need to park the 2 vehicles opposite to each other if they want to use the battery from other vehicles to start their dead engine.


  • Durable
  • Circuit protection
  • Powerful


  • Short cables

#7 Imazing IM29 Car Jump Starter – Best for Trucks

At first glance, some might opt for skipping this Imazing IM29 jump starter because of its bland and old-style design.

But that is their big loss, and they have no idea what they might be missing.

Despite looking a bit behind-the-time, this item’s ability can have your jaw on the floor. The jump starter comes with a total Peak current that can go up to 2500 Amps, and therefore, can get any diesel engine with high capacity up and running in no time.

On this account, we believe that it is safe to state that it is a perfect match for a wide range of trucks.

In fact, we even think that it can be placed among the best portable jump starter for diesel truck

Power is not the only thing, this jump starter is also designed to be completely user-friendly.

You can operate the device with literally just a press of the button.

Also, thanks to the LCD screen, you can keep a close eye on the status of your battery and the completion percentage, thus being able to monitor the whole charging process with no effort.

Not to mention, it comes with 2 USB ports, allowing you to charge your vehicles or devices in the shortest time, which is obviously what someone constantly on the goal will be thankful for.

However, as excellent it might appear to be, again, this device is not without flaw.

There have been some negative comments about the fact that the item offers no power adapter (there is a cable though).

It is not exactly the cheapest one out there either, so perhaps including an adapter would be better.


  • Attractive design
  • User-friendly
  • Time-saving


  • No power adaptor
  • High price

#8 BEATIT QDSP 2200Amp Peak 12V car Jump Starter – Best for Outdoor Activities

And the last product we would like to introduce to you in today’s article is the BEATIT QDSP 2200Amp Peak 12V car Jump Starter.

This device is famous for serving the role of a handy assistant in a great many outdoor activities.

A little bit lost as to how a jump starter can help in such activities? Scroll down and let us enlighten you!

First of all, thanks to the QDSP technology, it can withstand many different weather conditions, and even severe temperatures.

Case in point, you can leave it outside in the middle of winter, or when there is an extreme downpour showering down your backyard, and nothing wrong will happen to it.

In addition, the 2200 peak amp allows users to jump start an empty battery within 3 seconds.

Even more, you can start your 12-voltage vehicles 30 times on a single charge.

Another fact that should be mentioned is that it has been confirmed to be 3 times more reliable than other products with the same specifications.

Lastly, you can use this device as a power bank for your smartphones.

A full jump starter can charge 9 iPhones and 5 Samsung Galaxy. What an amazing item!

Nevertheless, when it comes to industrial vehicles like tractors, it can hardly support the vehicles properly.


  • Reliable
  • Quick charge
  • Power bank


  • Not suitable for large batteries

What to Look For When Buying a Jump Starter for Diesel

CCA Value

CCA stands for “cold-cranking amps” which is the measurement of the ability of the battery to start the engine in cold weather.

This is seen as the power of the battery itself.

Take a car battery for example. If it has a CCA value of 450, then you should pick a jump starter with 450 CCA and more.

Vehicle Engine

What if, somehow, you fail to detect where the CCA value is located in your car?

Then you can count the number of cylinders in your vehicle engine as an alternative.

It can tell you the power requirement for jump starting.

The formulae below are formed by experienced mechanics and drivers, which are definitely trustworthy:

A 4-cylinder diesel engine requires 350 amps, while a 6 and 8-cylinder diesel engine needs 450 and 650 amps, respectively.


Normally, common vehicles come with 12-voltage batteries while this speculation for heavy-duties engines is 24 voltages.

Still, it is always essential to pick a jump starter that is higher in voltage than the battery in your vehicle requires.

This is due to the fact that sometimes, the specification is not 100% precise.

The higher voltage can, perhaps, be the one for your engine while the product with equivalent capacity might, in fact, not offer enough power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Jump Box Start a Diesel?

Once you take it apart and take a look inside, a jump box is just a combination of a sealed battery and jumper cables.

And yes, of course, it can start a diesel.

What Jump Starter Size do You Need?

To answer this question, you must first look at the size of your vehicle as it will be the one deciding everything here.

More precisely, you can charge a small vehicle with a large jump starter, but you will never be able to charge a large vehicle with a smaller jump starter.

Besides that, if you have only one vehicle, then it is an easy task as the only thing you should do is determine the size of your battery.

Which battery do You Use to Jump on a Diesel?

As far as a diesel engine is concerned, you are going to need a high amount of amp to get it going.

Reason? Well, you can see that diesel engines are usually used in big vehicles like industrial machines or tractors and that is why a diesel needs higher amps.

According to experts and experienced drivers,  the basic demand to start a small diesel engine is around 400 amps while more than 1000 amps are needed to jump starter a large diesel one.

How do You jump start a Diesel?

Here is a concise and straight-to-the-point instruction on how to start a diesel engine with a jump starter

(Make sure to get another vehicle with full battery ready)

  • Step 1: Turn on the heater on the car with the unfunctional battery (to prevent power surge)
  • Step 2: Light off, accessory off, leave nothing working except the heater
  • Step 3: Connect one of the cables on the jump starter to the positive terminal of your dead car. Do the same to the negative terminal.
  • Step 4: Take the other ends of both cables and connect them to the proper functioning car (the source automobile) make sure to do this according to the terminal order (positive-positive and negative-negative)
  • Step 5: Start the engine of the source automobile, before doing the same to the dead one and let they run for at least 2 minutes (If the battery has not been put to work for a great deal of time, it can be longer)

How do You jump start a Diesel with Two Batteries?

To be honest, it is not common for diesel vehicles to have 2 batteries.

They are quite rare, as a matter of fact, and chances are that you will never see them once throughout the rest of your life.

Still, if you come across this kind of vehicle, here are 6 steps you can follow to start your engine again:

  • Step 1: Turn off all the electrical accessories in the vehicle, except for the heater.
  • Step 2: Find the thickest cables on the 2 batteries.
  • Step 3: Connect that cable of the source battery with the dead battery by a jumper cable. Remember to check the positive and negative terminals carefully before attaching them with each other.
  • Step 4: Start the engine on both vehicles and keep them on in 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Step 5: Turn off the source vehicle.
  • Step 6: Disconnect the cables and drive your vehicle in 15 minutes for the engine to stabilize itself.


We have come to the end of our reviews about the best jump starters for diesel.

Do not forget that diesel engines require more power to start, you should pick a jump starter with large capacity, especially when you are living in cold areas.

Hopefully, our article today can help you find your own best product. And now, thanks for reading!

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