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Best Power Inverters For Cars
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All drivers have their best power inverters for cars. What makes a USB power inverter special?

As you know, many new car models come with USB outlets inside. These ports allow the users and passengers to take advantage of the vehicle’s power source to charge their mobile devices.

But the problem is, each device requires a specific amount of power, while the car’s power source car can only provide constant energy. That’s why you need a car battery power inverter to reduce the energy to the amount that your device needs.

Right below, we review the 8 best power inverters for trucks, cars, and personal devices. Please scroll down to see these products and pick out the most suitable auto power inverter for your requirements!

8 Best Inverters For Cars Reviews

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#1: ALLWEI 300W Car Power Inverter – Best For Mobile Devices


  • Brand: ALLWEI
  • Power: 300W
  • Invert: DC 12V to AC 110V
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Number of AC outlets: 2
  • Number of USB ports: 2
  • Dimensions: ‎5.83 x 5.67 x 2.24 inches
  • Weight: 0.99 ounces

The ALLWEI 300W is the first product we want to introduce to you. These 12 volts to 110 converters contain the best features to support mobile devices.

You can use it to convert energy for all electronic appliances that you carry along in your car. This model can provide a power of 300 watts, enough to charge any personal devices, such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, DVD players, etc.

With 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, this AC inverter for a car can support 4 devices simultaneously. While the 2 USB ports charge 2 smartphones, the 2 AC outlets will support 2 laptops.

Those are not all great features this product has. The manufacturers have designed this converter for cigarette lighter to the outlet. The lighter comes up with a long cord of 33 inches, allowing the passengers in the backseat to enjoy smoking with comfort.

Please don’t switch the converter on when your car system is switched off. Otherwise, the inverter may drain out energy in your car battery.


  • 300W power for charging small electronics
  • 2 AC outlet for charging laptops
  • Dual USB ports for charging mobile devices
  • Cigarette lighter with a 33-inch cord
  • Overheating prevention
  • Short-circuiting prevention


  • Draining car battery if switched on while the car is off
  • Not suitable for big electronic appliances

#2: Bestek 300W Power Inverter Dc 12v To 110v Ac Car Inverter – Best For Fast Charging


  • Brand: Bestek
  • Power: 300W
  • Invert: DC 12V to AC 110V
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Number of AC outlets: 2
  • Number of USB ports: 2
  • Dimensions: ‎4.8 x 3.1 x 1.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds

This Bestek power inverter is another great 300-watt product you can try. It is specially designed for fast charging of any small appliances.

In detail, this converter provides direct current to alternating current continuously at 300 watts and reaches the peak power at 700 watts. You can rely on it to quickly charge all mobile or personal devices, including laptops, speakers, cameras, Kindle E-readers, etc.

What makes this Bestek inverter special is the USB ports’ fast charging speed. Each port can deliver the fastest speed of 2.4 amps. Just plug your phone into this USB outlet, and its battery will be full after a short period.

The Bestek company has designed a special converter from 110 to 12 volt for cigarettes. The cigarette lighter power converter contains 2 durable springs on both sides for electrical safety. You can enjoy smoking in the car without having fears about a potential electric shock.

As the manufacturers say, this 120 to 12 volt converter is not constructed for high-power electronics. You can not use it to supply power to hair dryers, electric heaters, curling irons, and so on.


  • 300W power and 700W peak power for charging low-power electronics
  • 2 AC and 2 USB ports for charging 4 devices simultaneously
  • Fast USB charging speed of 2.4 amps per port
  • Cigarette lighter with durable springs on both sides for electrical safety
  • Overload, overheating, short-circuiting prevention


  • No alligator clips included
  • Not suitable for high-power devices


#3: POTEK 2000W Power Inverter – Best For Intelligent Temperature Control


  • Brand: POTEK
  • Power: 2,000W
  • Invert: DC 12V to AC 110V
  • Voltage: 125V
  • Number of AC outlets: 3
  • Number of USB ports: 1
  • Dimensions: ‎‎16.14 x 7.09 x 12.8 inches
  • Weight: 10.21 pounds

Most 12 volt power inverters can easily overheat after operating for a long period. However, you will never see an overload issue from this Potek 2000w power inverter.

The Potek manufacturers have designed an intelligent temperature control system in this inverter. The system contains multiple built-in cooling fans that automatically start working when the heat stays above 104℉.

Not only that, but this 12V power inverter for a car also features 8 internal fuses. These pieces of equipment can detect when the inverter nearly reaches the temperature limit and shut it down immediately to ensure users’ safety.

This 12 volt to 110 volt converter also offers an audible alarm. Every time a technical issue occurs, it will send the sign to you so that you can handle the situation quickly.

Never let the inverter stay directly under the sunlight, however. This weather factor can cause heavy damage to the product. It is recommended by the manufacturers to keep the converter in a cool environment.


  • Intelligent temperature control system
  • Built-in cooling fans working when the temperature is above 104℉
  • 8 internal fuses for overheating prevention
  • Audible alarm drawing user’s attention when technical issues occur
  • The strong power of 2,000 watts


  • Sensitive and can overheat if placed directly under sunlight
  • Draining battery energy if switched on while the car is off

#4: Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter – Best For Efficiency


  • Brand: Ampeak
  • Power: 2,000W
  • Invert: DC 12V to AC 110V
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Number of AC outlets: 3
  • Number of USB ports: 1
  • Dimensions: ‎‎10.26 x 8.19 x 3.43 inches
  • Weight: 8.73 pounds

The next product on our list is the Ampeak 2000w power inverter. We don’t exaggerate, but this car power converter is a powerful beast of efficient operation.

The converter can provide 2,000W to serve small appliances, household devices, and large electronics. Thanks to this high power, you can create an inverter 12v to 110v for your smartphones, tablets, freezers, TVs, cameras, PSPs, etc.

The Ampeak 2,000W is definitely the most durable AC converter for cars. It has a sturdy construction of hard ABS plastic. Thanks to the solid shell, the converter can withstand all physical impacts and outdoor factors.

No matter how long this inverter works, it will not overload. The manufacturers have built this DC to AC car adapter with a 35A mini slip fuse, 2 cooling fans, an audible alarm, and an Auto-Shut-Off system.

These features will prevent the inverter from overheating, over-voltage, and over-circuiting.

We give a minus point to the cooling fans. They create a loud noise while spinning, even when the converter works at low power. But if you don’t care about the noisy sound, this Ampeak 2,000W is surely a good 12v to 110v inverter for cars.


  • High power of 2,000W
  • Durable ABS shell
  • Audible alarm sounding when issues occur
  • Cooling fans keeping the inverter’s temperature stable
  • Auto-Shut-Off system preventing overloads


  • Loud noise of fans
  • No ground wire included

#5: Energizer 3000 watts Power Inverter – Best For Monitoring


  • Brand: Energizer
  • Power: 3,000W
  • Invert: DC 12V to AC 110V
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Number of AC outlets: 2
  • Number of USB ports: 2
  • Dimensions: ‎‎13.5 x 7.62 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 9 pounds

Do you require a car power inverter that is easy to control? If yes, you should consider putting this Energizer 3,000 watts on your buying list. The LED screen of this car’s 120 volt adapter allows you to monitor the operation status anytime you like.

Specifically, the LED screen clearly shows the input voltage and the output wattage. You can keep an eye on these 2 factors to decide whether this 120v car adapter is working properly or not.

The screen also indicates when the voltage overloads. Thanks to the display, you can detect the problems on time and give the solution quickly.

Before mounting this 120V car inverter, make sure that you switch it off. Otherwise, the item may discharge and cause electrical hazards.


  • Displaying input voltage and the output wattage
  • Warning voltage overloads
  • Warning overheating issue
  • High power of 3,000W
  • 2 AC and 2 USB ports for charging up to 4 devices simultaneously


  • No cigarette lighter
  • Sparking if mounted while the operation is on


#6: Krieger 3000 watts Power Inverter – Best For Durability


  • Brand: Krieger
  • Power: 3,000W
  • Invert: DC 12V to AC 110V
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Number of AC outlets: 2
  • Number of USB ports: 2
  • Dimensions: ‎‎13.5 x 7.62 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 9.1 pounds

In case you need a long-lasting 12 volt converter for the car, the Krieger 3,000W will be our best recommendation. With heavy-duty construction, this product can serve you well for many seasons to come.

The inverter features large internal aluminum heat sinks. These components can work to deliver a high dissipation, thereby increasing the lifespan of the inverter.

Like many other high-end models, this 12 volt to 120 volt converter offers a safety system, which alarms you and automatically shuts operation down if it detects overload issues. Of course, the fewer overloads, the more durable the converter will be.

We are not pleased with the connectors, unfortunately. They are too tiny and flimsy, leading to difficulty in installation. You may need to struggle a lot to set up this 12V converter for the car.


  • Large internal aluminum heat sinks delivering high dissipation
  • Audible alarms drawing attention when the inverter overloads
  • Auto Shut Down system
  • Cooling fans for overheating prevention
  • LED display for convenient monitoring
  • Wired remote included


  • Difficult to wire
  • No cigarette plugin

#7: GIANDEL 2200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter – Best For Safety In Use


  • Brand: GIANDEL
  • Power: 2,200W
  • Invert: DC 12V to AC 110V
  • Voltage: 125V
  • Number of AC outlets: 2
  • Number of USB ports: 1
  • Dimensions: ‎‎15.7 x 9 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 12.91 pounds

The GIANDEL 2,200W is the safest 12v to 120v inverter for cars. You never have to worry about electrical hazards when using this model.

As the advertisement says, the inputs and outputs of this inverter are completely insulated. You are free to hold this inverter and connect cables to it without worrying about the electric shock.

In fact, you don’t even have to hold the inverter to command it. The manufacturers have designed a remote control for convenience in use. You can switch this converter from 12v to 110v or to 120v (ON) or shut it down (OFF) from a far distance.

When the inverter is too hot, it also shuts down the system by itself. The auto-restart function will prevent any heat or electrical hazards when the product overloads.

Keep in mind that this GIANDEL 2,200W does not support electronic appliances that draw a higher wattage than the amount it can provide. If you charge a device that has more than 2,200W, both the inverter and it may be badly damaged.


  • Insulated inputs and outputs
  • Remote control for safe adjustments from a far distance
  • Auto-restart function
  • High power of 2,200W
  • LED display for safe monitoring


  • Not support electronics that draw above 2,200W wattage
  • Sensitive and can overheat if placed directly under sunlight

#8: KINVERCH 5000 watts Power Inverter – Best For Convenience In Use


  • Brand: KINVERCH
  • Power: 5,000W
  • Invert: DC 12V to AC 110V
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Number of AC outlets: 4
  • Number of USB ports: 3
  • Dimensions: ‎‎‎25.6 x 13.3 x 7.3 inches
  • Weight: 20.4 pounds

Last but not least, we share with you the KINVERCH 5,000 watts. Among 8 products, this 12V 110V converter is the most powerful one. You can enjoy a lot of conveniences using it.

It is hard to find another 12 volt DC converter that supports a high power of 5,000W as this KINVERCH does. The inverter will convert energy for all types of electronics, from light-duty to heavy-duty ones!

Believe it or not, these 12 volt to 110 inverters allows you to charge up to 7 devices simultaneously. It features 4 AC outlets for supplying power to household devices and 3 fast-speed USB ports for charging smartphones and tablets.

On the downside, this heavy-duty inverter has large dimensions of 25.6 x 13.3 x 7.3 inches. It will take up a lot of space in your car. Also, this inverter is the heaviest model among 8 products on this list at 20.4 pounds.


  • High power of 5,000W
  • 4 AC outlets and 3 USB ports for charging 7 devices at the same time
  • Bluetooth remote control for high convenience in use
  • Cooling fans keeping the inverter cool at all times
  • LED Light indicating estimated output wattage
  • Circuit Shutdown Protection for safety in use


  • Take up much space in the storage
  • Heavyweight


How To Choose A Power Inverter?

Auto inverter

Auto inverter

It is not hard to find a good car battery inverter. In this section, we will explain all factors that decide the best car inverter.


Do you need the best power inverters for RV or the best power inverters for camping tools? Or do you simply require a standard vehicle inverter for regular purposes?

Remember that each automotive inverter has a specific power that works with different types of devices. You need to check the power rating of every product to find the suitable one for your car.

The rating of inverter power is in watts. The higher the watts are, the more powerful devices a converter can support.

If you only need a car inverter for a laptop, smartphone, or table, a 100w inverter, 140 watts power inverter, or a 200W power inverter can already please you at best. These devices don’t require a high number of watts to run.

But for large camping tools, such as coffee makers, TV, refrigerator, air mattress, a regular power inverter for a laptop won’t suffice. You require a 400 watts power inverter, a car inverter 1000 watts, or one with a higher power.


The next thing to consider is the outlets of the vehicle power inverter. Each product contains a number of different outlets that provide specific outputs.

A normal automotive power inverter usually comes with a car DC to AC converter. It features multiple AC outlets. Several models may have USB ports and many other types of outlets besides the AC.

For example, as you use a 12 volt inverter, you may notice that it has the following outlets:

  • 12 volt to 24 volt converter
  • 12 volt to 110 volt inverter
  • 12 volt to 120 volt inverter
  • 12 volt to 220 volt inverter
  • 12 volt to 240 volt inverter
  • DC to AC converter for car
  • AC to DC converter for car

The Bestek 300w power inverter above even includes a power inverter for the car cigarette lighters. It has a special plug that supports only a cigarette.

Types of Car Power Inverter

There are many types of inverters for different types of vehicles. You need to consider whether you require the best power inverters for semi trucks, the best power inverter for a work van, the best power inverter for a pickup truck, or one for regular automotive cars.

As you know, different vehicles are equipped with a specific power supply. The input of the converter must accept the output of the vehicle power source.

A regular 12 volt inverter for a car can accept a power of 1,500 watts. While the same 12 volt converter for large trucks may require a capacity of 2,000 watts or more.


There are many things to consider when checking the cables of a portable power inverter for a car.

First, you need to check the length of the cables. The cord needs to be long enough for a good plugin. The length will depend on the size of the vehicle. For example, a power converter for a truck usually has a longer cable than a power converter for a car.

Secondly, you should check the material of the cable as well. The cord should have sturdy construction to avoid corrosion, tearing, or scratching.

For example, a good 12 volt battery inverter is usually covered in rubber or neoprene. These materials are highly durable and insulated.

Cooling Fans

No matter if you use an inverter for a car cigarette lighter, a car power inverter for laptops, or a converter for heavy-duty devices, always check for the cooling fans. The reason is, even at low power, the converter may still get hot after a long period of operation.

If the inverter overloads, it may start some issues and cause heat hazards. Cooling fans will help prevent this terrible situation.

Safety Features

When buying an electronic device, you should always keep an eye on the safety features.

Most products offer an insulated cable. It will prevent the electric current from hurting your hands. Also, some high-end converters may have an auto-shut-off system. Whenever the inverter overloads or runs out of battery, it will stop working.


If you buy products from popular companies, you will get a warranty along with the inverter. The question is, how long is the warranty effective?

Standard warranties are about 18 months long. Some expensive products will have a longer warranty, which is about 3 – 5 years.


Using Tips

How To Install A Power Inverter In A Car?

It is quite easy to install a power converter in your car. You can refer to our 5 steps for the installation.

  • Step 1: Prepare an electrical fuse
  • Step 2: Make a small opening in the part of the car firewall with a drill
  • Step 3: Mount the inverter to a constant position in your car
  • Step 4: Ground the model
  • Step 5: Connect the converter to the power source of your vehicle

Why Should You Have An Automotive Power Inverter?

You can get a lot of benefits from using an automotive power inverter.

Just imagine that you are driving at night, and your smartphone is at a low battery level. It is not easy to find a power source nearby. In this case, the power inverter will show the advantage.

Or when you go camping, you will need electricity to heat an electric oven, run a coffee maker, or cool food with a small refrigerator. The problem is, how can you find a power source in an area for camping?

You can only take power from your vehicle. Of course, it is necessary to use a converter to get a suitable amount of power for all these camping devices.

Besides, automotive power inverters have many other advantages, such as:

  • Reasonable price
  • High durability
  • High portability
  • Compact style for easy storing


A power converter

A power converter

Who Makes The Best Power Inverters?

Some inverters, besides the 8 above products, from trustable companies we can recommend are:

  • Bestek 500W power inverter
  • Bestek 400W power inverter
  • Bestek 1000W power inverter
  • Bestek 2000W power inverter
  • Foval 150W power inverter
  • Home Depot power inverter (car inverter Home Depot)
  • Car power inverter Walmart
  • Car power inverter Target
  • Dewalt Power inverter DXAEPI140

Are Power Inverters Safe For Cars?

Of course, yes. Many modern inverters now come up with insulated cords, auto-shut-off systems, and LED lights for indicating operation status.

What Are The Best Inverters For Solar Panels?

Solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity. The best inverters for solar panels must convert DC electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity for devices.

How To Use A Power Inverter While Camping?

All you need to do is connect a DC to AC inverter for the car. The inverter contains many outlets with different outputs. You plug your electronic device into a suitable outlet.

For example, you can use a 12v to 110v adapter, a 12 volt to 120 converters, or a regular DC to AC power inverter for a car to charge a laptop, a coffee machine, or a refrigerator. If you want to charge a smartphone, choose the USB ports.

Are Power Inverters Bad For Your Car?

Unfortunately, our answer is yes. The power inverter drains energy in the vehicle’s battery.


Above are the top 8 best power inverters for cars. Has any product caught your eyes?

All 8 products are excellent to buy. Each one has its own pros and cons. Please consider carefully to choose the most suitable one for your needs.

“How to find a power inverter for a car near me?” If you want to find a trustable power converter store nearby, get in touch with us and send us your location. We will share with you several popular sellers in your area who provide quality products!

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks for reading!

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