Best Power Inverter For Semi Truck 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Power Inverter For Semi Truck
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The best power inverter for semi truck will help the vehicles work flawlessly. For semi-trucks, power inverters are undoubtedly an essential device. You must have an electrical source to best utilize your vehicles in this technology era.

To help you avoid trouble buying the wrong product, we have compiled a list of top power inverters for a semi truck for your consideration. Of which, our winner is the BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter.

We love its ability to provide continuous power to many vehicles and devices. In addition to power supply, this product comes with many features to enhance your experience when using, such as light indicators and a cigarette lighter plug.


Power inverters are devices to transform DC to AC currents. Power inverters can connect to batteries to provide power to electrical devices. In reality, vehicles like semi trucks, RVs, boats, and pickup trucks can utilize power inverters.

Each vehicle comes with a large battery used to power many devices. But the batteries of vehicles create DC (direct current) power, and all devices you want to power use AC (alternating current). That’s why you need to have power inverters.

In fact, no matter what you transport, you still spend much time on the go and want a power source to provide energy to your vehicles and devices like laptops and phones. Power inverters will come in handy for you, one way or another.

So what is the best power inverter for a semi truck? The best power inverter needs to feature enough wattage to provide power to all the devices and does not interfere with electrical equipment.

Best Power Inverter For Semi Truck Reviews

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#1. BESTEK 2,000W Power Inverter  – Best Overall

Our winner is the BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter for its great performance. It stands out with the capacity to provide 2,000W consistent power to devices.

Notably, it can provide up to a 4,600W peak of power to run your gear. Accordingly, this product can power many AC appliances and big electrical machines on worksites, trips, or camping.

Featuring an integrated 6 external fuse of 50A, this power inverter for semi truck can save your appliances from potential damage like a short circuit, audible overload, and more.

There are also light indicators to show when the inverter functions normally and when it is under protection.

We are also impressed with the durability of the inverter. Its outer shell comes with durable and solid aluminum alloy, withstanding all types of severe conditions and protecting the built-in components.

Moreover, the inverter features a high-speed cooling fan to dissipate heat effectively. You will love its specially designed handle for easy carrying. There is an integrated 40Amp fuse to sustain large and small short circuits seamlessly.

Right when you plug it into the power outlet, the operator can get 300-700W of constant power used to charge phones, operate laptops, and other electrical appliances.

On top of that, this best power inverter for truckers features a cigarette lighter plug to be attached to any type of vehicle with ease.

Moreover, to show confidence in its product, the brand provides a warranty of 18 months to cover all damages but not by drops and wrong uses.

On the downside, it sometimes shuts off when supplying power to a microwave.


  • High capacity to provide 2,000W consistent power
  • Compatible with many AC appliances
  • Light indicators to show the status of machines
  • High durability with solid out shell
  • Feature high spend cooling fan to dissipate heat effectively
  • Specially designed handle for easy carrying
  • Cigarette lighter plug to be attached into any type of vehicles
  • A warranty of 18 months


  • Unexpected shut-off sometimes

#2. POTEK 3,000W Power Inverter – Best For Power

The runner-up position belongs to the POTEK 3,00W Power Inverter. The device offers 3,000W consistent power with a surge power of 6,000W to power various electronic appliances.

Moreover, they are built with 2 USB charging outlets and 4 AC ports compatible with a wide range of electric conversions like air compressors, water dispensers, coffee makers, and more.

Like the first option, this power inverter also features under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and over-voltage protection.

We also like its smart temperature control to keep it cool. The fans can speed up to cool the device if the temperature is more than 104 degrees F.

The performance and size of this device are quite commendable. It looks small yet can leverage a great amount of voltage, enough to power appliances. This robust power inverter can handle voltage fluctuations, ensuring safety when using.

Plus, you will love this power inverter as it provides fast charging. Hence, none of your smart devices will run out of power. Normally, the fast-charging power inverter is likely to get damaged during the charging process. But this product is not the case.

The brand equips the safe charging technology to keep it safe during charging. Nevertheless, this power inverter comes at a higher price than other products.


  • Provide 3,000W consistent power
  • Surge power of 6,000W to power various electronic appliances
  • Compatible with various devices
  • 2 USB charging outlets and 4 AC ports
  • Various safety features
  • Smart temperature control
  • Durable, even with the fast charging feature


  • Higher price

#3. GoWISE Power PS1004 3,000W Inverter – Runner-Up For Power

If you want to consider another powerful inverter, this GoWISE Power Inverter might be your answer. Like the POTEK 3,00W Power Inverter, this suggestion also provides a 3,000W constant power with a 6,000W peak surge.

In addition, it comes with five types of protection systems, including thermal protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection under-voltage protection, and low voltage protection with four output sockets.

What sets it apart from other products is its total harmonic distortion of below 3%. Hence, it can soft-start temperature control cooling fans and low interference tech.

On top of that, it is a great tool to utilize during emergencies of power failure. This inverter is also portable and compact to work well on boats, cars, and work sites. There is an LED indicator light to notice when there is any incident happening.

The produce can cut off the load and naturally keep it cool for 10-30 minutes.

As it is a true sine wave inverter, it generates less noise when used. The device also features two battery cables with ring terminals.

There are dual cooling fans to handle the heat effectively. You will love this power inverter as it has remote control switches for high convenience. As the inverter for semi truck has a metal housing, it is not easily damaged from unexpected drops.

Thanks to durable and robust build quality, you can rest assured when using this best pure sine wave inverter for semi truck for a long time.

The power inverter measures 22 x 9.3 x 4 inches and weighs 9.9 lbs. This size and weight deliver high portability for the inverter, helping you bring and use it wherever you want.

However, it seems that this device features limited compatibility. Besides, the battery cables should be slightly longer.


  • Provide strong and consistent power
  • Complete protection
  • Provide total harmonic distortion of below 3%
  • A great tool to utilize during the emergencies of power failure
  • LED indicator light for emergency notices
  • Generate less noise when used
  • Dual cooling fans to handle the heat effectively
  • Portable and lightweight design


  • Limited compatibility
  • Short battery cables

#4. Power Inverter 2,000W Inverter – Best For Safety

We cannot forget to mention the VOLTWORKS Power Inverter. The selling point of this product is it is fully insured and offered product liability insurance, ensuring the interests of consumers.

A multi-protection system is added to its production ability, like other products, including over-temperature, short circuit, overload, output short circuit, under-voltage, and over-voltage protection.

Plus, it boasts a reliable cooling fan that works quite silently and efficiently to dissipate heat during operation. It can operate automatically when the temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit and is regularly started at 1/3 of the inverter’s rated power.

After rotating, the efficiency won’t decrease, yet increase, avoiding malfunction caused by overheating. The best inverter for semi truck can deliver trustworthy safety protection and time usage thanks to a high-quality aviation aluminum body.

You will also find it easy to control the device ON/OFF with the Remote Control cable length of 15 ft.

Also, the remote control panel can display the capacity of DC 12V.

The brand also equips the inverter with a reminder of fault, which is quite convenient for you to know the condition of your device. Notably, this device can provide instantaneous power in the startup phase of 6-7 times larger than its working power.

You will also find it convenient as it features fast charging technology with 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports to charge various electrical devices simultaneously. It is a true partner for on-the-go trips, worksites, and camping.

On the downside, we found that its LCD is likely to be prone to damage.

Plus, you will love this power inverter as it provides fast charging. Hence, none of your smart devices will run out of power. Normally, the fast-charging power inverter is likely to get damaged during the charging process. But this product is not the case.

The brand equips the safe charging technology to keep it safe during charging. Nevertheless, this power inverter comes at a higher price than other products.


  • Fully insured with the product liability insurance
  • Provide multi-protection system
  • Automatically reliable cooling fan for dissipating heat during operation
  • Quality aviation aluminum body for high durability
  • Easy to control the device ON/OFF
  • Feature a reminder of fault
  • Fast charging technology


  • Display easily prone to damages


#5. GIANDEL Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter – Best For Versatility

If you seek a versatile, feature-rich, and powerful power inverter, this GIANDEL Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter might be your answer. The reason is that it comes with various best features not available on numerous other similar models.

For example, it boasts a wired remote control with a long cable of 15 feet. Thus, you can turn on and off this device with ease. Then, it can provide a consistent power output of 3,000W. Simultaneously, the inverter’s power can reach up to 6,000W.

It is an ideal power inverter for 18 wheeler vehicles, RVs, boats, and more, with this powerful capacity. The brand does not forget to equip this model with high protection such as overheating, short circuits, and under/over-voltage protection to ensure safety when using.

On top of that, you will love this device as it comes with all essential installation equipment such as 8 shock-proof pads, 4 AWG battery cables ver. 5.0, and remote control to navigate the semi truck inverter install easily and fast.

Moreover, you can find AC terminal blacks for 1500 – 3000 heavy-duty tasks, providing a stable and safe current for your appliances. To help you quickly power the devices when needed, the heavy-duty truck inverter also comes with USB high-speed charging.

The cooling fan will function at 1/3 of the device’s rated power to dissipate the heat during the operation. This 3000 watt inverter for semi truck comes with a surprisingly reasonable price that not many models can offer with all the above features.

Nevertheless, the device is slightly heavy, which lowers the convenience when using it.


  • High versatility to work with many types of devices
  • Heavy-duty power inverter for truck
  • Provide wired remote control with a long cable of 15 feet
  • Deliver consistent power output of 3,000W
  • Feature high protection
  • Provide essential installation equipment
  • Cooling fans to dissipate heat
  • Reasonable price


  • Slightly heavy

#6. Kinverch Peak Power Inverter – Best For High Capacity Appliances

The Kinverch Peak Power Inverter is the ideal option to operate many tools, in addition to your semi trucks. This device can provide a great load of controlled power to function many kinds of equipment.

The Kinverch commercial truck inverter offers 2,000W consistent power with a peak of 4,000W, ideal for road trips, camping, and vacations.

The inverter features advanced protection with a dual cooling fan system and 8 internal fuses against overload, over-voltage, over-temperature, short circuit, and overheat.

Besides, this best power inverter for a semi truck also provides a user-friendly design that can help you control it without any hassle. Moreover, it works quite silently for your great experience, along with the ability to run effectively and safely at a low temperature.

With real-time functioning parameters, the inverter allows you to check the input voltage.

You can hit inside the circle to change between the output voltage and battery voltage.

This suggestion also stands out with the time setting mode for power on/off.

After connecting to the app with this power converter for semi truck, you can easily set automatic power on/off your phone. Plus, we love the real-time monitor feature of this inverter. It can help you track the heat during operation to avoid potential risks related to safety.

It is slightly bulky in size and weight. The device comes in the dimension of 17.5 x 13 x 8 inches and weighs 12.07 pounds.


  • High versatility to work with many types of devices
  • Heavy-duty power inverter for truck
  • Provide wired remote control with a long cable of 15 feet
  • Deliver consistent power output of 3,000W
  • Feature high protection
  • Provide essential installation equipment
  • Cooling fans to dissipate heat
  • Reasonable price


  • Slightly heavy

#7. Energizer 1,500W Power Inverter – Best For Lightweight Design

We will continue our list with the Energizer 1,500W Power Inverter for its lightweight design, providing high portability. The device weighs only 6 pounds so you can take it with you and mount it to other devices easily.

You will find it easy to connect this inverter to a 12V DC cell to provide power to various appliances. It can provide continuous power of 1,500W with a peak of 3,000W.

We know this number is not as high as that of the products mentioned above. But it is enough to power many kinds of devices. The best power inverter for semi trucks is tested and approved by METLAB to verify its performance and safety when it comes to safety.

Hence, you can rest assured when using this best inverter for a semi truck. In addition, we are impressed with this device’S smart chip protection against potential risks during operation.

There is also an ultra-silent fan to cool down the temperature when used. Additionally, the semi power inverter comes with big built-in aluminum heat sinks to enhance dissipation for an extended lifespan. The Energizer inverter also comes with high-performance capacitors to charge appliances with heavy surge loads.

The high-frequency transformers mounted inside the inverter also help provide more efficient power conversion that not many models can offer. On the other hand, we admitted that this inverter is not ideal for appliances that need a highly powerful supply.


  • Lightweight design of 6 lbs
  • Easy to connect
  • Provide continuous power
  • Tested and approved by METLAB
  • Smart chip protection against potential risks during operation
  • Ultra silent fan to cool down the temperature
  • Big built-in aluminum heat sinks
  • High-performance capacitors to charge appliances
  • Deliver efficient power conversion


  • Not ideal for high power needs

#8. Krieger 3,000W Power Inverter  – Best For Budget

With the capacity to provide 3,000W continuous power, this Krieger inverter is a good bang for your buck. Though it comes at a quite reasonable price, it does not compromise its quality.

In addition, to provide consistent power, it also offers a peak power of 6,000W like other higher-end models. You can connect DC cables to a 12V battery to have energy on the go.

In addition to semi trucks, this truck inverter 3000 watt can work well with other appliances like RVs, boats, and more. It also provides all the protection you need during operation like short circuits, high temperatures, over-voltage, under-voltage, and overload.

All statuses of the inverter will be shown on an LCD. In terms of design, the Krieger inverter looks great, and the black and yellow colors can complement each well to make its appearance better.

This best semi truck inverter comes in a package with all necessary installation wires and equipment.

Also, you can connect DC cells with the battery of your vehicle to connect the power wave. There is no hassle since the process of installation is easy and quick.

Besides, it features all kinds of protection you need like other inverters. It is granted the certificate of METLAB and passes various rigid tests based on safety and performance.

With this inverter, you can get 3 ft cables for effortless connectivity, a remote control, and a truck inverter kit of ANL fuse to maintain the power level needed at a specific moment.

The brand offers a 3-year warranty to cover all damages not caused by drops and wrong uses to show confidence in its product. Nevertheless, there is no fast charging technology featured in this power inverter.


  • Reasonable price
  • Deliver consistent power
  • Work well with other appliances
  • Easily semi truck power inverter install
  • 3 ft cables for effortless connectivity
  • 3-year warranty


  • No fast charging feature


Best Power Inverter For Semi Truck Buying Guide


Currently, power inverters come in two types – pure and modified sine wave power inverters. Going for the pure models as sensitive electrical appliances such as headphones and earphones is recommended as they are not compatible with modified variations.

But the pure sine wave power inverters will come with higher prices than modified counterparts for sure.

Inverter Size

The power inverter’s size plays an important role when you install the device. If you want to mount it in a spot on the semi-trucks, you must figure out the area to choose a suitable inverter with the right size.

On the other hand, you will deal with numerous difficulties when setting it up.


Another critical factor to look at before making a buying decision is the inverter’s power output. Initially, you should be aware of the needed power wattage of your devices and appliances you utilize with the power inverter.

After getting the power draw amount, you should purchase a power inverter featuring a higher output than the power draw of all appliances. Normally, a 3,000W power inverter can work well with most devices.

If you only utilize it to charge smartphones and laptops, you can buy a power inverter of lower capacity. In other words, selecting the right wattage depends on your demand.


The procedure of installation of a power inverter is quite simple if you go for a good option. You can get all essential accessories for installation for free.

Meanwhile, in some cases, you need to purchase accessories separately to install your power inverters. You then have to follow the instructions and set up the inverter with provided accessories.

Safety Features

Another critical element to consider when buying an inverter is safety. The more safety features, the better your inverter.

The power inverters mostly come with safety features like short circuit protection, surge protection, overheat protection, and under and over-voltage protection. If the power inverter in question does not have common safety features, it is best to ignore it.


Like other products, you need to choose a prestigious brand with great customer service and a trustworthy warranty policy. As power inverters are a big investment and difficult to repair, a good warranty policy can help you rest assured when using them.



Why Do You Need A Power Inverter?

Power inverters are essential to utilize devices on your vehicles like chargers, DVD players, refrigerators, microwaves, and TV.

Do Power Inverters Drain Car Batteries Quicker?

Power inverters could drain your vehicles’ batteries quicker if you use them when you are not driving. That said, it will work fine if you utilize their services when driving the vehicles.

Can You Connect More Than A Battery To Power Inverters?

Of course, you can mount more batteries if you utilize appliances requiring more voltage.

How to Set Up A Power Inverter Into The Semi Truck?

If the inverter features a cigarette lighter adapter, you can connect it easily to the vehicle.

How Long Does A Power Inverter Provide Power?

It depends on what type of battery you utilize and which appliances you use with a power inverter. A 12V cell lasts long, should the inverter lessen the electricity waste.

Do Power Inverters Emit Heat?

Power inverters can release heat when using. If you want to keep it cool, it is advisable to set the thermal fan inside it.

What Are The Most Reliable Power Inverters For Trucks?

It is best to consider the models from prestigious brands like BESTEK, Krieger, Energized, and more, as most products are equipped with essential features to meet your power demand for your vehicles and devices.

Besides, they offer many safety features to avoid potential risks like overload, over-temperature, under/over-voltage, and short circuits.


So you have gone through our best power inverter for semi truck reviews and know the answer to the question, “What is the best power inverter for a truck?

Briefly, before making the final buying decision, you need to carefully consider the critical factors we mentioned in the buying guide. If you are not sure, it is best to take a look at it again.

In case you are still confused about choosing a suitable product for your needs, we highly recommend our first pick – the BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter among other ​​best inverters for semi trucks.

The product comes with all essential features to supply constant power for your semi trucks, along with other appliances and vehicles. Besides, you can rest assured about the durability of this inverter as it has a solid and robust out shell.

On top of that, you can easily carry it thanks to a specially designed handle.

Anyway, we hope our article is helpful for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you for reading!

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