An In-depth NOCO GB150 Review That Everyone Should Know

NOCO GB150 Jump Starter Review
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NOCO GB150 has gained much popularity among a lot of battery jump starters on today’s market.

Obviously, no one likes to get stuck on the roadside with a dead car battery. That’s why a battery booster seems to be a must-have friend in the trunk or glove box compartment.

We will share an in-depth NOCO GB150 review to provide you with some notable features.  Are you eager to know? Let’s get the ball rolling!

An In-depth NOCO GB150 Review

NOCO is a provider of energy-storage devices, including jump starters, battery chargers, and so on.

Its products are famous for high reliability and safety. All series boasts reverse polarity protection and spark-resistant technology. They ensure no malfunction and misuse will happen.

We also appreciate its product design, which is as safe as possible for customers and equipment. It is safe to say its products get more versatility and functionality than those of other manufacturers. So is this NOCO GB150.

Every pack includes all essential accessories for you to use out of the box. It’s time to dive into this helpful device.


Here are some specs to the GB150 battery booster:

  • Model number: GB150
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.85 x 9.21 x 4.02 inches
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium
  • Amperage: 3000 A
  • Voltage: 12 V


The first point you might notice when seeing this device is its rather bulky size. It has a cardboard carton nested among foam padding. The battery comes in black and grey with a voltage display, buttons, and charge level on a large face.


NOCO Boost Pro GB150

It also boasts a big, highly functional flashlight and output & input ports. Regarding its compatibility, it has a USB port to allow easy charging of portable devices.

That said, a small minor is its lack of a wall charger. You could use it, but its speed varies from 2-3 hours for a 5 A charger to 11 hours for a 2 A charger. It’s a little bit of an irritating omission for a battery in its price range.

You could charge it with an additional 12 V plug since it features both female and male 12-power ports and a cable connecting to which one you want.

You should always remember to use the female port to supply power to other devices such as inverters and tire pumps, or conversely, utilize the male port to plug in a vehicle’s DC power outlet to charge it.

Installation process

To jumpstart your car with the charger, you will need to set the device and pop the hood atop the motor bay. After you unclamp two clamps from all sides of its case, you could unfurl every cable and connect them to the charger, beginning with the red clamp.

Once you connect both clamps, the battery voltage will be shown on the display. Then your car could start. If your portable device uses several juice jackings, you could simply uncover all output ports; then a plugin.

And between the DC port and USB adapter, you could plug and provide power to your devices.


The NOCO GB150 could jumpstart an Elantra right away in various tests. Having the cables connected accurately might be the hardest part, because the clamps, as mentioned before, are quite big.

It could not be easy to find a proper position to attach the clamps. That said, when they are in place, the jump starter let our car begin readily compared with other models we tested.

Even with the car battery drained down to 10 V, the car will immediately fire up.

Meanwhile, less impressive might be its USB charging. The output offers around 450 mAh of charging, much slower than expected. More power could be pulled from its DC output utilizing car chargers in a female DC port.

NOCO Boost HD GB150 3000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter

It comes with ease of use ability for times when cars don’t start. Even if the battery is weak, it could jumpstart the vehicle safely within seconds.

There is a power button for turning it on/off. Afterward, the power indicator will illuminate. It will show the level of charging current when you turn on the unit.

It’s a 12 V output connection that could be utilized for a jumpstart, with a manual override button, making this appliance utterly helpful in some specific emergencies.


We are most impressed with this battery because while all jump starters come with flashlights added in their cases, the NOCO GB150’s are exemplary.

We found that the light is bright and wide-angle. It will easily light up a whole motor bay. The light also features six different settings, three light intensity levels, SOS, blink, and strobe modes.

NOCO Boost HD GB150 3000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter

Pros & Cons

The first pro we want to mention is its ease of use. The battery booster features reverse polarity and exclusive technology, ensuring it is useful in various situations.

Plus, its cables are well built and flexible, preventing overheating and melting. Another highlight is its display and installed a system that can detect connection errors before use.

What makes it outweigh other competitors is that it can jumpstart up to 80 cards in a row. Despite its portable design, it works with diesel motors quite smoothly.

And though it’s not lightweight compared with other jump starters, you still have enough storage in any emergency. It is also useful for you to charge other mobile devices.

As mentioned before, as it comes with a LED flashlight, you won’t face any trouble fixing the car at night.

But nothing is perfect. This genius boost 150 is no exception. There are several points this battery booster needs improving.

For instance, it quickly gets heated up when you use it many times. Moreover, you will find it uncomfortable when have to wait for a long time for a full charge.

The last point might be its price, which is much higher than other choices on the current market. So consider your budget before going for this one.


  • Ease of use
  • Flexible and well-built cables
  • Ability to work well with diesel motors
  • Large storage availability
  • Multitasking


  • Quick heating process
  • Long charging time

What should you consider when using NOCO GB150?

Operating temperature

This charger could operate in temperatures ranging from -4 degrees F to 122 degrees F.

It comes with thermal sensors, hindering it from the outside operation of the above range for safety.

Storage temperature

Just like the operating temperature, it would be best if you don’t let it go below -4 degrees F or above 122 degrees F. Extreme temperatures can damage various critical components.

Water resistance

This booster comes with IP64 with port covers closed. That said, you had better not let it submerge in water.


You need to use its USB cable to connect the USB-In port to another powered port. It can be a laptop, an AC adapter, and so on. You should choose the USB-In port rating at 2.1 AMPs to ensure safe and efficient charging.

It could charge in three hours at a 2.1 Amp of charging current. For more than one year, 75% could be held.

How to recharge your NOCO Boost GB150

How to use warranty?

This battery charge box includes needle-nose battery clamps, an XGC cable, female and male connectors, a micro USB cable, and a user guide. To show its confidence in this product, the manufacturer offers its customers a one-year warranty. So you could go to any agency that is authorized by the manufacturer to claim for the warranty.


DBPower 800A

This product is an alternative for those seeking affordable options with a decent performance.

Although it comes with a lower-quality flashlight, its case is similar to that of NOCO GB150. It also provides a good jumpstart and USB charging ability.

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Stanley J5C09

Stanley charger might not come with an air compressor and carry handle; thus, the NOCO GB150 edges out this option.

This pick costs merely three times as much, yet the NOCO is of smaller size and features a much better flashlight. However, just like the star of this review, it can quickly jumpstart a car.

Customer Reviews

The booster has gained a lot of positive comments and feedback. You can find them easily on e-commerce platforms. We have compiled some feedback for your consideration.

“I use it merely everyday and various times.” said a customer. “I like being able to utilize a 12V charger on my task truck for battery charging. The digital-power voltage reading in the front of this battery is quite helpful, checking for alternator or generator voltage.”

Meanwhile, others also gave compliments for this booster.

“ I found the NOCO GB150, at that time, I was skeptical of its 4000Amps as advertised. I bought two within three months ago and I was actually impressed with this product. It was absolutely a good bang for your buck!”

“I was able to jump start a 13-litre Navistar diesel motor like a breeze. Before, I thought it wasn’t possible for a battery pack of this capacity. I utilize it everyday for my daily work.”

Final Thoughts

So you have gone through our NOCO GB150 review. We hope that you will find it useful. To sum up, this battery booster is a wonderful helping hand when your car battery suddenly fails you.

With its durability and high availability, you can rest assured your car battery could be jumpstarted quickly and efficiently.

Anyway, if you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you for reading!


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