How to Charge a Phone Battery Without a Charger?

How to Charge a Phone Battery Without a Charger
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A charger is a popular way to have different types of batteries charged.

But how to charge a phone battery without a charger?

Our article will demonstrate how you can do that and give you some related information about this question.

How to charge a battery without a charger?

Method 1: Use the USB port as a charging port

In this method, you need to have a suitable USB cable such as micro USB, type C, or light connector… for your phone brand.

This method is super easy.

Connect the USB charging port devices with your mobile device by plugging the USB end of the cable with your laptop and the other end with your phone.

Although this method is simple, it is not ideal when you are in a hurry.

There are a couple of reasons. The first reason is that this process can not create a quick charge, only delivering from 500 to 900 mA.

Moreover, charging your cell phone batteries through a USB port will gradually drain the laptop battery.

However, USB ports in airports or coffee shops are powerful enough to charge a typical smartphone battery.

Besides the phone, if you are also looking for how to charge a camera battery without a charger in an emergent situation: this method is quite effective.

Method 2: Use a battery pack

This method is quite popular nowadays as it is convenient when you are on the move or just simply away from home.

Almost all of the modern battery packs can charge the full battery of your smartphone.

But even if your phone supports fast charging, not all battery packs do.

Here is how to charge a cell phone battery without a charger by a battery pack.

You need to charge your battery packs beforehand and regularly charge them every six months if you do not usually use them.

And don’t forget to take it with you when you intend to go to any places that do not have a normal cell phone charger.

You can charge it like a battery with a battery charger. But how to charge a battery pack without a charger?

In that case, you can apply one of the methods we mentioned in this article.

Each battery pack is different in size, colors, and battery capacity.

To sum up, we recommend you should consider the ones with a similar size with a credit card.

With that portable size, you can easily carry them in a pulse or pack them in a briefcase and backpack.

Method 3: Use a car charger

Nowadays, most vehicles are designed with USB ports to meet your charging demand while driving.

In some cases, your car’s charging ports are not compatible with your mobile device; you can purchase an adapter to connect with a lighter port before plugging into your phone.

You can start your car or unlock your car’s accessory mode.

Then, plug one end of the USB cable into either cars’ ports or adapters and the other end of the line into your smartphone.

However, a direct charge from a car charger to a smartphone is not advised to use by several specialists.

The car’s port usually provides 12 Volts of power, while your cellphone battery only needs 5 Volts to charge.

That is why you need authorized adapters to safely regulate the voltage and prevent any battery issues to a battery.

Method 4: Use a wireless charger

As the name suggests, this method allows you to charge your phone batteries through a wireless charging pad.

No more cables needed, place your phone onto a special mat or tabletop that supports wireless charging.

Unlike standard chargers, this method shall transfer energy from the wireless charger to the receiver at the phone’s back.

It’s still controversial whether charging wirelessly is faster than charging via a cable.

It depends on both phone types and the charger’s wattage level.

Some high-powered wireless chargers can fully charge a battery in less than two hours.

However, not all cell phones are compatible with a charging pad.

That means that you need to check your mobile in advance.

It is a waste when you spend money on something that your phone doesn’t even work.

Method 5: Use the rubbing method

This one may sound unpractical, but it can be your real life-savior at some critical moments.

It cannot charge your phone but allows you to efficiently use the last few percent of the battery by raising its temperature, which may be enough to make an emergency phone call.

To use this method, you need to remove the battery from your phone, then rub it hard with both hands or with your pants from 30 seconds to a few minutes until you feel it warm.

After that, put the battery back to your phone, and try to make use of a few moments of power left.

Nevertheless, this may only work with older phone models, as newly invented phones have their batteries hard to remove or even unremovable.

That is also the reason that charging a dead car battery without a charger by this method is impossible.

Method 6: Use another battery

In this method, you will need some AA batteries, AAA batteries, or 9-volt batteries, a tape or clamp, and pieces of metal wire that can conduct electricity.

First of all, you need to look for negative and positive terminals on each battery.

Remove the battery out of your phone to identify your phone battery’s voltage.

Normally, this information is printed in the manual.

In the next step, you should gather some batteries that match or slightly exceed a battery’s voltage.

Tape the AA and AAA batteries, the wire, and the phone battery together.

That means to connect the positive side of batteries with the positive connector of a battery.

And remember to do the same thing for negative terminals.

Except for wall outlet power, power in other household batteries is considerably similar.

So, maybe the next time you ask: “How to charge a watch battery without a charger?” or “how to charge a phone battery without a battery charger?”, this is a great answer to these questions.

Electricity is dangerous, so you should follow our guides strictly and take precautions in every step to prevent any unexpected accidents.


Final thoughts

A phone is such an indispensable item in modern life thanks to its diverse and useful functions.

Therefore, many people are concerned about dead batteries in the middle of travel or some emergent cases without a conventional charger.

The good news is, a charger is not the only method to charge your phone battery.

If you used to be stuck with a dying battery, this article about how to charge a phone battery without a charger would be what you need.

Among the six methods we mentioned above, using battery packs is by far the most effective and convenient method.

It is portable and cost-effective, so you can take it with you every time and everywhere without worry about a dead battery.

We hope our article will help you find the best way to overcome some emergency situations with a dying battery.

Thank you for reading!

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