Top 3 Best TACKLIFE Jump Starters & How To Choose Them

Best TACKLIFE Jump Starters
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About TACKLIFE Jump Starters

Are you looking for a helpful tool for your vehicles? If yes, don’t miss the top 3 best TACKLIFE jump starters!

Jump starter is the savior of your vehicles every time they stall, especially when you are in a deserted place or can’t get help. What’s more, this tool charges the car’s batteries, preventing them from dying.

Nowadays, there are thousands of these products from different manufacturers on the market. However, there is a fact that not any product is good and worth buying.

Since its establishment in 2005, TACKLIFE has been a famous and prestigious brand, specializing in-home use, industrial, and outdoor tools. The brand’s Jumpstarter is one of the most popular and favored items for its remarkable features such as quality, ease of use, etc.


TACKLIFE: Outstanding Features And Modern Technology

Small And Compact Design

There are many portable jump starters on the market with varying sizes and functionality, including air compressors. TACKLIFE focuses on manufacturing basic tools, worth mentioning are jump starters with recharging batteries’ main functions.

Also, the sizes and designs of their products have been improved constantly. TACKLIFE jump starter is usually quite lightweight and small in size, slightly larger than smartphones and smaller than tablets.

Ease Of Use

If you’re a beginner or even if this is the first time you use a jump starter, controlling TACKLIFE tools isn’t a problem. With just 5 minutes of the user manual, you can easily operate and control them.

The jump starters’ designs coming from this brand are usually simple. It only includes power switch buttons and charging outputs and inputs. It also has an indicator light or LED screen to conveniently show the battery status.

High-quality Products

High-quality materials contribute to enhancing the TACKLIFE jump starters as well as extending their lifetime. The manufacturer often chooses a thick plastic material to make the cases to reduce the weight and possible risks while increasing the insulation.

Their jump starters’ lifespans are extended thanks to the quality battery. While some other poor-quality products on the market may fail after about 2 to 3 years of use, TACKLIFE products will last at least 4 years or longer, depending on your preservation and usage.

Powerful Jump Starters

Even though their products are small-sized portable jump starters, the power and peak Amperage is not too low, with the minimum one is at 800A. Therefore, at least you can use TACKLIFE jump starter with 7.0L gas engines and 5.0L diesel engines.

TACKLIFE even has some jump starters with a peak Amperage of up to 2000A – only common in larger and bulky jump starters. These products are compatible with large vehicles, such as trucks or coaches.

Modern Technologies

TACKLIFE never ceases to upgrade and equip its products with new and modern technologies. Typically, we can mention the following features:

Auto Battery Booster: This is a stimulus mechanism that forces the jump start function to work when the battery is below the threshold. It limits dead battery situations.

Quick-charge: You don’t have to wait overnight to fully charge your jump starter. With TACKLIFE products, the charging time is only about 4.5 or 5.5 hours and the usage duration is remarkable.

Safety Mechanisms: All TACKLIFE jump starters include 8 protections: Short circuit, overcharge, over-discharge, reverse connection, reverse polarity, reverse charge, overcurrent, and overheat protection.

Reasonable Price

Even with a small budget, you can easily buy products from this brand. Their products are usually priced at an average range compared to the others, but the quality is undoubtedly premium. Hence their jump starters will be justified investments.

TACKLIFE Jump Starters

Top 3 Best TACKLIFE Jump Starters

1# TACKLIFE T6 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter – Best Value For Price

If you’re looking for a quality product at the most affordable price, this product is definitely what you need. Called the best value for price product, TACKLIFE T6 800A is sure to make you satisfied with what it brings.

Are you thinking “the cheapest is the dearest”? This thought may be accurate for some others, but can’t be applied to this tool as its advantages will surprise you.

The first obvious thing is its compact size and design. With the measurements of 6.3 x 3 x 1.6 inches and 1.16 pounds, you can carry it anytime and anywhere without any bloat or clutter.

This product can be full and ready to operate after only about 5 hours of charging. For each jump starter’s full charge, you can recharge the car battery up to 30 times.

In terms of power, this product has 800A peak Amperage, a relatively high level compared to most other small-sized portable jump starters on the market. So this tool can recharge vehicles powered by 5.5L diesel or 7.0L gas engines.

Safety factors are also highly appreciated and focused on TACKLIFE T6 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter. Mechanisms, such as overcharge protection, short circuit protection, etc., are included in this product, so you don’t have to worry when using it.

There is nothing to complain about this product except that the clamp’s cords are quite short. It’s a bit inconvenient when you clip them to the car’s battery.


  • Bargain price
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Quick-charge battery: 5 hours
  • 12V 10A output
  • 8 safety features
  • 3 modes flashlight
  • USB 3.0 charging ports


  • Short clamp cords

2# TACKLIFE T8 Pro Car Jump Starter 800A Peak 18000mAh – Best Overall

There will always be the best one on any top list that excels in quality, design, features, etc. Among TACKLIFE products, the best overall jump starter has to be the TACKLIFE T8 Pro Car Jump Starter.

If you see and hold this product for the first time, you may be impressed by its ruggedness. The case is made of thick plastic, forming an extremely sturdy and solid block.

The jump starter’s design is extremely compact and easy to handle with simple buttons. Its parts are assembled snuggly and carefully, not loose or fragile, boosting its durability. Even when you’re an amateur, you need about 5 minutes to get used to using this tool.

With a relatively high peak of 1200A, this jump starter is suitable for motor vehicles of 6L Diesel or 7.5L gas engines.

Some jump starters on the market sometimes fall into a very weak state and can’t boot the car battery.

TACKLIFE T8 Pro Car Jump Starter has improved by designing an additional “Boost” button that activates even when the vehicle’s battery is too low.

Also, this product’s battery is recognized with a fast-charging feature. It will be full after 4.5 hours and can operate up to 30 times in one charge. If you don’t use this jump starter, the battery can last about 12 months.

This tool’s all-metal and ergonomic clamps keep it better in place when charging and also safer than most other fragile clamps on the market. Besides, the 8 protection mechanisms minimize the possibility of accidents when operating.

Last but not least, this product’s additional features are notable and helpful for users. You can take advantage of the 3-mode flash in low light conditions or use the charging ports for small household electronics.

However, this product also has the same disadvantages as TACKLIFE T6 800A, the short cord –  portable jump starters’ biggest drawback.


  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Compact and easy to use
  • “Boost” button to start dead battery
  • Quick-charge technology
  • Long battery life when not used (12 months)
  • Safe and quality clamps
  • 8 protection mechanisms


  • Short clamp cords


Tips: 4 Steps to jump start your car (cre: tacklifetools.com)


3# TACKLIFE T8 MAX Jump Starter – Best Of High Amperage Level

Some people will prefer jump starters with high peak Amperages for their compatibility with large displacement engines.

TACKLIFE T8 MAX Jump Starter is one of the portable jump starters that is rated as having the best Amperage. More than the above products, this tool’s peak Amperage is up to 1000A. Therefore, it will become more flexible, namely for all gas engines and under 6.5L diesel engines. Also, the powerful auto battery booster mechanism can activate the dead battery quickly and easily.

Besides quick-charge technology, this product can be charged by both wall charger, car charger, and USB inputs. With each charge, it can operate up to 40 times without recharging. Its design is sturdy and durable with a thick plastic case to dissipate heat and reduce impacts, such as dropping.

With a small number of clearly marked buttons, it will not take too much time to get used to and control.

In addition to batteries, the clamp is a part that should be noted because they can cause fire or explosion, so TACKLIFE has paid extra attention to this problem. Its metal clamps are firmly designed to avoid slipping while charging.

Similar to the above products, TACKLIFE T8 MAX Jump Starter is equipped with 8 protection mechanisms to minimize accidents. Therefore, even if you clip the 2 clamps together, there will be no explosion.

What’s more, this tool includes 2 USB ports for you to charge your laptop, phone, music player, etc., with outputs up to 12V and 10A. The flashlight has also been upgraded to 5 modes to indicate usage status better.

However, its price is something to consider, which isn’t too high but still costs more than the common ground. Anyway, remember that you’ll get what you pay for!


  • 1000A peak level
  • Suitable for all gas engines and 6.5L diesel engines
  • Auto battery booster
  • Quick-charge technology
  • Includes USB input
  • 8 safety modes
  • One charge for 40 using times
  • 2 USB ports, 3 charging outputs
  • 5 modes flashlight


  • A bit pricey

Buying Guide

Choosing a quality jump starter that meets your needs isn’t an easy task. Especially if you are an amateur and this is your first ever purchase, it will take some of your time and effort.

That is why we have prepared the most specific buying guide for you. Let’s see what you should pay attention to!

Safety Factor

Safety factors should be a top priority when choosing any product, not just jump starter. You should ensure that the tool you choose is completely safe, and the chance of an accident is as low as possible.

Below are some typical safety mechanisms that jump starters should have; check the information from the manufacturer to see if the tool you choose includes them or not:

Over-current protection: is a mechanism to regulate the output power source to avoid damaging the car battery.

Reverse charging protection: prevents the electric current from the car’s battery from being transmitted back to the jump starter.

Under and Over-voltage protection: prevents the battery from dropping too low, resulting in battery death or over-charging.

Short-circuit protection: prevents fire and explosion, even if you accidentally clip 2 clamps together.

Size And Weight

Size and weight are some of the most important factors you should consider when choosing jump starters. They will accompany you on every journey, so being convenient to carry is essential.

Small portable jump starters have an advantage over the others in size and weight. They are usually just a little bigger than your smartphone or a little smaller than a tablet.

Therefore, carrying them in the car is completely easy and convenient, even when your car’s trunk doesn’t have much spare space.

However, their big drawback is that they have low peak power, usually between 600A and 800A. If you only have a family car, operating is easy, but it doesn’t have enough power to kick off a truck or a coach.

On the other hand, big portable jump starters are the salvages of large vehicles such as trucks or coaches. They usually have high peak power, at least from 1000A to about 2500A.

However, the plug-in jump starter’s downside is its large size and bulky design. They can take up the majority of your trunk space and are quite heavy to carry.

To sum up, choose the size dependent on your needs along with other features listed in the buying guide.

The Battery

If the jump starter you choose is too weak and can’t kick start the car’s battery, your tool is nothing more than a decoration. Therefore, when buying, consider whether the product is really suitable and powerful enough for your car.

The Amperage Level is the factor that you should check first. Batteries of vehicles that have from 4 to 8 cylinders will be from 160A to 650A. So your jump starter must have a higher or at least, equal Amperage level to the car’s battery.

Jump starters with higher Amperage will unarguably cost more, but you can use them for many types of vehicles and other purposes. If you don’t use them frequently, there is no need to buy one with too high an Amperage level.

Extra Features

To better meet customers’ needs, some manufacturers have upgraded and improved their tools by integrating additional features. And as usual, the product which is more modern and versatile add-ons will cost more than conventional ones.

Some features commonly found in modern jump starters include flashlight, waterproof, and SOS notification. Large jump starters will usually have a 12V charging port, USB ports, or fast charging mechanism for the battery.


Price isn’t the most important factor, but it must suit each person’s needs and conditions. However, it doesn’t mean that all the expensive products are all good while the cheap ones aren’t, so you should focus on and evaluate the quality first.

You can compare different products’ prices to assure the best value for performance before making any purchase.

Best TACKLIFE Jump Starters – FAQs

How Long Does A Jump Starter Last?

2 main factors affect the lifespan of the jump starter’s battery: its quality and your usage. A quality battery made from good materials is expected to operate for a relatively long period. However, if you use and preserve them improperly, no matter how premium they are, they can still fail quicker than promised.

The average lifespan of the jump starter battery is about 4 years. However, if you use and store it with care, you can extend its shelf life up to 6 or 8 years.

How Often Should I Recharge A Jump Starter?

Our advice for you is to charge immediately after each use. It would be best to ensure that the jump starter is always ready for the next use. Besides, it helps avoid battery over-lowering that leads to death.

In case you don’t employ your jump starter regularly, remember to recharge them after every 6 months. Even when it is not in use, the power still decreases.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge A Dead Battery?

A dead battery needs at least 4 hours of charging to recover and restart. This time can be longer, even up to 24 hours, depending on the type of battery.


Overall, we have provided you with all the necessary and useful information about the best TACKLIFE jump starters and the brand TACKLIFE general reviews.

Besides, don’t forget to check the buying guide as it will support you a lot in making a purchase decision. We hope that you will find this post helpful too!

And among these 3 products, we highly recommend TACKLIFE T8-Newer Model 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter for all users. This jump starter has outstanding and valuable features that surely meet everyone’s needs.

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