5 Best Jump Starters With Air Compressor And Buying Guide

Best Jump Starters With Air Compressor


You don’t know which is the best jump starters with air compressor on the market to buy one for yourself? Don’t worry; this article will show you how!

The jump starter is an increasingly popular tool, especially as more and more private car owners. People often use the acid battery jump starter, but the built-in air compressor jump starter is becoming increasingly dominant because of its innovations and advantages.

The flood of products on the market may make you confused and uncertain about which one to buy. For that reason, we picked out the top 5 best products that are worth your attention. If you’re ready, let’s start!


Here is a table that compares 3 best jump starters with air compressor

What Is Jump Starter With Air Compressor?

Imagine you are on your journey, and your car suddenly breaks down? If the rescue team can make it in time, thank goodness! However, in case you can’t find any help, everything might be going downhill from here!

That’s when you need a jump starter. This device helps activate the dead battery in your car’s motor, to make it easy to understand. It’s similar to a power reserve that you can bring along anywhere.

The most popular type is the built-in battery jump starter. However,  the jump starter with an air compressor has appeared on the scene and been gaining popularity thanks to its convenience and advantages.

To make it easier to differentiate the two types, we need to compare this newcomer with the two most popular battery jump starters on the market: Lead Acid Battery and Lithium-ion Battery.

Weight: In terms of weight, the built-in air compressors will weigh the same as the Lithium-ion Battery or slightly heavier, but it’s a lot lighter than the Lead Acid Battery ones.

Capacity: Jump starter with an air compressor dominated as many battery built-in jump starters are sometimes too weak to activate the car’s accumulator. Besides, with the integrated air compressor, you can utilize this device for other purposes, pumping wheels, for example.

Lifespan: All batteries have a life expectancy of a certain number of charges. Especially with Lead Acid Battery, they can be completely dead if the power drops below 9V. The air compressor built-in jump starter obviously has a longer lifespan, depending on how we use and preserve it.

Price: The Lead Acid Battery is made of cheap materials, thus the lowest price. Lithium-ion Battery type has a higher battery quality and is safer to use with the cost ranging from mid to high. High price is the jump starter with an air compressor’s disadvantage since its 2-in-1 integration requires more production costs.

Verdict: A jump starter with an air compressor has the advantages of medium weight, various purposes, and large capacity with a longer product lifespan. And certainly, you will have to pay a fair amount to enjoy all these advancements.

STANLEY J5C09 JUMPIT Portable Power Station Jump Starter

A jump starter with air compressor to help inflate tires with low pressure

Best Jump Starters With Air Compressor

What is the best jump starter with air compressor? If you don’t know the answer to this question, take a look at the following list and see for yourself the top-rated products on the current market!

Product images Specification Editor's rating Check Price
  • Brand: STANLEY
  • Model: J5C09
  • Item Weight: 17.55 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.25 x 8 x 13.5 inches
Editor's rating

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Check Price
  • Brand: POTEK
  • Battery Cell Type: Lead Acid
  • Item Weight: 18.04 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 8.6 x 9.4 inches
Editor's rating

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Check Price
  • Brand: Clore Automotive
  • Model: JNCAIR
  • Item Weight: 27.1 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 13.5 x 15 inches
Editor's rating

4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Check Price
  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Model: DXAEJ14
  • Item Weight: 17.61 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.75 x 6 x 13 inches
Editor's rating

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Check Price
  • Brand: Schumacher
  • Model: SJ1332
  • Item Weight: 19.36 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 13 inches
Editor's rating

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Check Price

1. STANLEY J5C09 JUMPIT Portable Jump Starter – Best For Beginners

If you’re a beginner or you don’t have any prior experience in using this device, the best battery jump starter with air compressor for you must have a simple design and ease of use. And STANLEY J5C09 JUMPiT is an ideal choice.

Compared with many other products on the market, this device has a more compact size and a relatively smaller weight. So, it’s more convenient to carry around as well as easier to use.

On the control panel, the user-friendly knobs in small quantities won’t leave you confused. You can easily adjust the elements and observe indicators such as battery status, PSI (pounds per square inch) through the indicator light and meter.

STANLEY J5C09 JUMPIT has 1000 peak Amps and can deliver up to 120 PSI, suitable for home use because sometimes, bulky jump starters with large capacity are unnecessary.

With this capacity, you can utilize it for many different tasks, and it’s also easier for you to control compared with high capacity ones.

As mentioned above, attaching the wrong clamp to the battery terminal is dangerous as it can cause an explosion. Therefore, the manufacturer has improved the safety factor in this product with a Reverse polarity alarm. When you clip the wrong polarity, the alarm will alert you to check and retry.

Another advantage that will make you more interested in this product is its price. In general, this product belongs to a low-price range, and it’s quite cheap compared to the values ​​it gives users.

However, this product doesn’t include the charge cord, meaning you need to pay an extra amount to purchase it separately.


  Compact and easy-to-use design
  Suitable for beginner
  Suitable for home use and small-duty performances
  Includes Reverse polarity alarm
  Affordable price


  Not include charge cord

Check see latest price on Amazon

2. POTEK JS88-UL 1500A Portable Jump Starter – Best Multifunction Jump Starter

A jump starter that integrates many features is something everyone will prefer.

Many people use the jump starter for starting car batteries and also for many other purposes. And if you’re looking for a versatile jump starter like that, don’t ignore this product!

POTEK JS88-UL 1500A is flexible for a variety of activities. You can use it to recharge car batteries, provide power during outdoor camping, or even as a light in case of a power outage.

With peak Amp of up to 1500, this best jump starter with air compressor and inverter can certainly work well with batteries of cars, trucks, coaches, etc.

Not to mention the battery of POTEK JS88-UL is superior for its large capacity and battery status indicator that signals to users when to charge it.

In case your tires are flat along the way? Don’t worry; it only takes 6 to 8 minutes to reinflate your tires with 150 PSI capacity from the air compressor. You also can utilize this resource to pump bicycles, balls, or inflatable things.

One more interesting point about this product is that you can charge it on the go if you forget to do so at home since the POTEK JS88-UL 1500A includes both AC charging ports for household electricity and a DC port to receive power from the car.

When buying any product, the price is a matter of consideration. In case you don’t have a big budget for a jump starter, then this POTEK product’s price is worth your attention!

However, this product might be a bit inconvenient because you need to immediately disconnect the power source when fully charged. It doesn’t have overcharge safeguards, so you need to be more careful during recharging.


  1500 peak Amps suits many vehicles
  Powerful capacity for different using purposes
  Includes AC and DC charging ports
  Bright LED lights
  Reasonable price


  Doesn’t have overcharge safeguards

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3. Clore Automotive JNCAIR 1700 Jump Starter – Best Overall

The best of the best jump starters with an air compressor is a product that meets all standards of quality, design, and power. With strict requirements, the number of such products isn’t much, and Clore Automotive JNCAIR 1700 is one of the few that suffice.

Clore Automotive JNCAIR 1700 Jump Starter

Editor’s rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Check see latest price on Amazon

This product stands out with a high battery capacity with a peak Amp of up to 1700. This level ensures good performance with small to large cars and sufficient power to fully charge them. And with a maximum pressure of up to 60 PSI, it is extremely useful for wheel pumping or other work at home.

Clore JNCAIR 1700 has an auto-recharging mechanism with a built-in AC charger, preventing its battery from dropping too low. It’s also called the best auto jump starter with an air compressor because of the ability to automatically disconnect after fully charging to prevent overload automatically.

Besides the 12 Volts AC charging port, it also provides 12 Volts output to charge other devices such as phones or laptops.

The automatic circuit protection mechanism has also been set up, so you don’t need to wait around while it’s charging.

As for the design, the sturdy powder-coated metal frame better protects the engine from environmental impacts.  This best lithium jump starter with air compressor also includes a compact handle to enable ease of use and transportation.

The only disadvantage of this product is that it’s relatively heavy. With a weight of up to 25 pounds, you’ll probably need a little extra effort to carry it.


  1700 peak Amps and 60 PSI output
  Includes voltmeter to show battery status
  Built-in AC automatic recharger
  Includes 68-inch welding cable
  Solid design


  A bit heavy

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Also you can refer to the product: Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC550A 1100 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Air Compressor

4. DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Jump Starter – Best For Heavy-duty Performance

A best battery jump starter with air compressor with high capacity is often the preference of many people when they own vehicles of different sizes or need to use the device for heavy-duty tasks. One of the products nominated for this category is DEWALT DXAEJ14.

DEWALT is one of the most well-known brands of air compressors. And for this reason, the high-quality engine of this jump starter is preferred and highly appreciated by users.

Even if you own a big truck or a coach, they can’t challenge this jump starter. With a peak Amp of up to 1400, it’s powerful enough to kick-starting and fully charge your vehicle’s batteries.

It also allows you to test the suitable Amp with the ALT test button before proceeding.

DEWALT DXAEJ14 can release air with a pressure of 120 PSI. This magnitude of pressure can inflate the wheel in 4-6 minutes, increase the pressure for the sprinkler, pump the balls, etc. Besides, this isn’t any normal compressor but a digital one, meaning it will automatically stop to recover after working full capacity, so it’s also called the best auto jump starter with air compressor.

Also, this product has advantages over others with its smart design. There are spaces on the shell for you to neatly store the clamps and cords after using it to avoid any entanglement.

This DEWALT product can even provide power to small electronic applicants as long as they can connect to a USB port. Two ports with 3.1 Amps power make it possible to charge devices anytime and anywhere.

In general, this product’s price is in the mid-range, which is higher than the general ground but still doesn’t break your bank. However, for the values ​​it brings to the users, this price is absolutely justified.


  Powerful engine with 1400 peak Amps and 120 PSI
  Suitable for all vehicles and large projects
  Smart design
  2 USB outputs


  A bit pricey

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5. Schumacher SJ1332 1200 Jump Starter – Best Budget

To get the best jump starter with air compressor, you will have to invest a rather insignificant amount. And if budget is something that worries you, here we have just the right solution – Schumacher SJ1332.

Maybe you’re worried about its quality since “the cheapest is the dearest,” but that doesn’t apply to this product!

The first thing you will notice about this product is its solid design.

Although the shell is made of plastic material, the manufacturer makes up for it with the careful and sturdy assembly of every component.

On the control panel, buttons and parts are designed with a handy LCD, allowing you to monitor battery status and charge in time. The built-in LED light is also appreciated for its usefulness when using in low light conditions.

It includes a USB charging port suitable for devices that require less power, such as phones. Schumacher SJ1332 also provides users with 120V AC outlets, enough to supply electricity for small and electronics.

In terms of engine, this jump starter can deliver 1200 peak Amps; this indicator is suitable for both cars and small trucks. Together with the 150 PSI air compressor, it gives you more benefits than just for inflating wheels. You can take advantage of the air compressor for garden tasks and more.

With the above factors, this product is not only useful for emergency vehicle rescue. You can avail of it for any other heavy-duty performances at home or even at work.

However, this product has a fairly short cord that may be inconvenient in some cases. You can solve this problem by buying an extra extension cord from the Schumacher.


  Bargain price
  Easy-to-use and solid design
  1200 peak Amps and 150 PSI
  Suitable for heavy-duty performances
  Provides power to small applicants and electronics


  Short cord

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Buying Guide

How to choose the best jump starter with an air compressor? This task is obviously not easy. So we have created a list of features that you should check before making a decision.

Power Output

The first factor that we should consider is the power output of a jump starter. A weak device won’t be able to kick the car’s battery up and rescue you in challenging situations, and it’s good for nothing!

Many people think it’s necessary to consider Watt’s parameters to evaluate which jump starter is more powerful. However, as jump starters are all battery-powered, we need to consider their Amperage (Amp) level instead.

Amp level indicates how much power your jump starter can provide your car. Peak Amp is the maximum value it can release to trigger a dead battery.

A jump starter has to complete 2 missions: start the engine and fully charge the dead battery. Therefore, the greater the power, the more it is worth considering.

Besides, Voltage (Volt) is also a factor affecting the power output. However, with the same 12V, the product with a higher level Amp will be more robust, to put it simply.

You should carefully check the instructions from the manufacturer to define the output of the device you choose, whether or not it suits your cars.

Size And Weight

Most of us buy a jump starter to use in case the car dies in the middle of the road for no longer having any battery. With this device, you won’t need to ask the help of others and solve problems faster.

However, this also means that you have to take the jump starter with you any time you go out. Size and weight undoubtedly become an important issue that needs consideration.

Your car doesn’t always have enough space or has a trunk large enough to accommodate a jump starter. Therefore, a light and compact product is the perfect choice to carry around.

But with this type of jump starter, the larger the product size is, the more power the compressor can deliver. Small-sized ones certainly have a smaller capacity but are more convenient.

In general, the choice of the product size is up to you. You can consider the space in the car and the desired power level to choose the best portable jump starter with air compressor for yourself.


Kick starting a dead battery can become very dangerous if you fail to follow the process. Likewise, an unqualified jump starter poses more risks to you.

So it’s better if the jump starter has reliable mechanisms to ensure the safety of users and assets during use, such as:

Over-current protection: control the power of the output to protect the car battery.

Short-circuit protection: limited short circuit to prevent a fire even when 2 clamps are clipped together.

Reverse charging protection: prevent reverse current from car’s battery to the jump starter.

Under and Over-voltage protection: prevent the battery power from falling below the allowed level or being overcharged.


Budget is an important factor when choosing any products. Not everything expensive is good, so you should consider the quality and features carefully, and do not judge the product based solely on the price.

You can also check out our best jump starter air compressor reviews once again and decide for yourself which item is worth buying. Our reviews above have gathered all objective and honest information from current users.

Other Features

Manufacturers never cease to improve jump starters to be suitable for various purposes, not just car battery charging.

Some products are equipped with a USB charging port, 12 Volts DC charging port, so you can charge electronic devices, such as phones, laptops, etc.

Besides addition, the most advanced jump starter with an air compressor can provide a 120V AC source as conventional household electricity. They can even identify the connected devices to adjust the current to the best match.


How To Use A Jump Starter With Air Conditioner?

  • Make sure no power is on. Check the car engine and the jump starters power switch to make sure it’s safe to get started.
  • Open the hood and define the accumulator source’s location. The important thing is to distinguish the cathode and anode by the signs (+) and (-). You need to be 100% careful as an explosion may occur if you attach incorrectly.
  • Attach the red clamp to the car battery’s anode (+) and attach the black clamp to the cathode (-). Or else, you can also clip the black cable to a fixed metal part on the chassis. Keep in mind, this part shouldn’t be too close to the battery but also needs to remain near the jump starter.
  • Check the clamps and cables again, make sure they don’t get tangled up or obstruct any parts from operating.
  • When starting up the jump starter, you should keep your face away from the car engine to avoid all the potential accidents.
  • If you succeed, the engine will start. In case there is nothing happening, turn the jump starter off and start the whole process again. Pay attention that the engine needs a while to cool down before you can retry.

When And How Long Should I Recharge My Jump Starter?

According to experts’ advice, it’s better to recharge the jump starter immediately after you return home or wherever power is available.

If not fully charged, the jump starter can be quite weak and unable to work the next time, and letting the battery drop too low will reduce its lifespan.

If you don’t have enough time, you need to charge this device for at least 3 hours to refill power. And it would be better if the charging process lasts for 12 to 24 hours to complete the charge.

How To Store And Maintain A Jump Starter?

As long as you keep in mind and follow the principles of storing a jump starter, your device will always be in the best condition to operate and have a longer lifespan.

Humidity: Moisture can degrade or even damage the battery inside the jump starter. Hence, avoid storing it in highly humid or too wet places.

Temperature: Temperature can degrade the battery or even cause an explosion at extreme temperatures, so you should avoid exposing the jump starter under high heat or direct sunlight. Besides, too low a temperature also reduces the quality of the product and prevents the air compressor from working.

Battery: Under any circumstances should you let the battery power drop too low; otherwise, you may have to replace the battery altogether. It would be helpful to fully charge the battery immediately after each use to maintain its power.


Overall, we’ve provided you with all the detailed and necessary information about the top 6 best jump starters with air compressor. We hope that you’ll find it helpful before you make a purchasing decision.

Clore Automotive JNCAIR 1700 is our selection for the best overall product title. It has a commendable engine, smart design, along useful features, all are worth your attention!

And also, don’t ignore the buying guide as it definitely will help you a lot!

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