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Best 6 volt golf cart batteries
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For golf enthusiasts, golf carts are a valuable investment to ride on and off the course.

However, the core of a golf cart is the battery, which you might find hard to choose a good one.

Many people misunderstand golf cart batteries and car batteries, which might drive you straight to a massive waste of money.

This article today will tell you everything about 6-volt golf cart batteries, the most commonly used type of golf cart power unit.

Check out the following section for a detailed guide and comprehensive reviews from experts.


Criteria For A Good Golf Cart Batteries

Purchasing good golf cart batteries is not a big deal for many people.

However, the miracle of marketing and advertising makes many buyers throw their money around with terrible options.

If you want to be the exception from those who wasted their money on lousy golf cart batteries, this section is a must-read one.

You will be guided through some criteria for good golf cart batteries.

Criteria For A Good Golf Cart Batteries

Longevity And Construction

The first and foremost criterion you will need to look for in good golf cart batteries is longevity.

A golf cart battery can last from seven months of use for up to seven years.

Like other types of battery, proper maintenance and storage will extend a golf cart battery’s lifespan.

Also, the way you treat a golf cart battery will affect its longevity as well as performance.

So, which aspects of the battery will make the most significant contribution to its longevity? The construction.

In the following sections, you will find three types of golf cart batteries, which all contain acid as an electrolyte container.

So, the construction of the battery is the critical aspect that you should look for.

A decent golf cart battery will have securely sealed constructions with an anti-leakage case for extra protection.

The case material also makes a significant contribution to the durability of the cell.

If you want your golf cart to travel rough terrains, you will need to ensure that the battery can handle punishments on beaten tracks.

On the other hand, you can choose an affordable option with slightly less focus on protection.

Connection And Terminals

The next criteria of a good golf cart battery are connection and terminals.

Decent terminal options will optimize the energy you have for your device. However, they must come along with suitable connections.

The biggest risk of using a golf cart battery lies under the connections as unaware buyers might not know about this safety concern.

Using limited battery cables on big terminals output might lead to overheating.

This will later result in bulging, short-lifespan batteries, and even explosions.

As a result, you need to determine the types of battery cable and terminal options you plan on using.

Pay attention to the size of the battery cable if you don’t want it to get overheated and further damage your golf carts.

Generally, golf cart batteries come with factory cable.

However, you should re-check the cable and purchase a new one if needed.

For more careful safety, you can buy the wire at a slightly bigger size.

Battery Freshness

One of the top priorities is battery freshness, which will determine whether your unit can be used for long enough or you need to replace it regularly.

It’s critical to make sure that your battery is not too old, fully charged, and fully functional.

Many buyers will recommend brand new batteries for the best freshness and longevity.

However, you can spend less money on a relatively new battery. But the key here is the functionality of the cell.

Whether they are brand new or refurbished 6-volt golf cart batteries, you will need to make sure about their performance and safety.

Deep Cycling

Deep cycle golf cart batteries are the perfect choice for 6-volt golf cart batteries that need to travel a long way.

They are designed to be frequently exhausted, which will offer you the maximum performance out of the cells.

Deep Cycling

With special techniques, deep cycling batteries can resist constant depletion and charge.

Thus, this feature extends the time you need to charge the batteries for maximum usage.

However, the downside of this feature is the price. If you are willing to pay more, 6-volt golf cart batteries deep cycle are perfect choices.

Maintenance Free

Maintenance battery is a must if you want to prolong the lifespan of this unit.

However, not everyone has time to do this process.

Many busy buyers choose maintenance-free units to save their time.

But the bad news is, you can only choose between deep-cycling or maintenance-free batteries as these features don’t come along with each other.

The only point they share is the higher price compared to other primary cells.

The advantage of this feature is that it will cut down some essential maintenance steps, such as inspecting for significant problems, watering your batteries, and determining the electrolyte level.

However, you still need to perform further maintenance steps at least once every three months.


Like other electric stuff, batteries have a specific rate of defective.

You will never know that your newly-purchased unit is a good or a bad one.

What if it comes decently at first and then dies suddenly? So, the best deal is to have a backup plan, namely, a reliable warranty.


Most batteries come with a manufacturer warranty, which will back you up in certain situations.

High-end options of cells also feature an environmental failure warranty for corrosion and disaster.

However, you will need to study the warranty policy thoroughly to ensure that you will receive the proper care for your situation.

The Best Golf Cart Battery Brands

Golf cart batteries are specialized equipment that you should buy from professional and reliable manufacturers.

Reputable brands are where the top professionals in the field gather.

They are also places where you can find the most advanced and secure technologies for the best 6-volt golf cart batteries.

When you explore the field, you should pay attention to the brands with positive reviews and a long-standing history of producing batteries.

Generally, these brands will come with excellent customer service and beneficial warranty policies.

The best 6-volt Golf Cart Batteries Review

Based on the above criteria, here’s the list of the top 6-volt deep cycle golf cart batteries chosen by experts.

Check out these comprehensive reviews for detailed specifications, pros, and cons of each product.

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#1: Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105 Golf Cart Battery

Top of the list is the 6v golf cart batteries Trojan with its decent power and durability that can meet all the requirements of a good battery. Trojan T-105 6-volt golf cart batteries are the flagship of the brand’s product portfolio.

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 10.375” x 7.125” x 10.875”
  • Type: Deep Cycle AGM Battery
  • Amperage: 225 Amp-hours
  • Weight: 62 lbs

Founded in the 1920s, Trojan is the leading manufacturer in producing electric and power equipment.

Golf enthusiasts might not be strange with this brand because its products are the choice of dependability and an excellent lifespan.

The Trojan battery T105, in particular, is the most shining star of the brand with an incredibly long discharge rate of 750 cycles.

With the deep-cycle cell, this unit can be discharged up to 100% without damaging its performance.

That’s why the Trojan T105 6v is the leading option for golf buggies’ carts.

Designed to provide users with rugged durability and outstanding power, the Trojan T-105 golf cart battery is ideal for renewable energy systems, especially solar batteries system.

This battery type comes as an affordable option for those systems where lifespan cost is the key.

In terms of compatibility, this battery comes with five terminal options, ELPT, EHPT, EAP, EUT, and LT.

You will have the right to choose the right terminal output and reuse your connection cables without purchasing some new ones.

That means, not only you will save money on the battery itself, but the battery accessories can also be cut down for the best budget.

The most valuable thing about this battery is the reliable customer service from Trojan.

While other products in the market are backed with a one-month warranty, this T-105 power unit comes with a 2-year warranty.

You can ask for full replacement whenever things go bad with your battery.


  • Life-cycle of up to 750 charges
  • From the well-known Trojan brand
  • 2-year warranty for full replacement
  • Decent performance at an affordable price


  • Require frequent maintenance

#2: VMAXTANKS Volt AGM Battery


Editor’s rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

The VMAXTANK battery is a 6-volt 225Ah AGM battery with deep cycle features and excellent capacity for your golf cart.

With a prolonged lifespan and deep cycle technology in the VMAXTANK, you will never come short of power.

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 9.5” x 7.3” x 11”
  • Type: Deep Cycle AGM Battery
  • Amperage: 225 Amp-hours
  • Weight: 70 lbs

The VMAX 6 volt golf cart battery full charge voltage is 6 volt with a high amperage of 225 Amp-hours, which can offer you continuous power for any ride.

You can wire two units of cell in series to get 12V.

Meanwhile, connecting two 6-volt batteries in parallel gives you the same 12V but 450Amp-hours.

Take a look at the 6-volt golf cart battery wiring diagram to double the usage of this battery.

Ranking as the best rated 6-volt golf cart battery, the VMAX power unit offers excellent durability.

It features heavy-duty lead-tin alloys, which provide an extended service life.

The reliable grids make this unit suitable for both float and cyclic applications of up to 10 years even after repeated over discharges.

In terms of performance, the VMAX battery can please any critical buyer with its exceptional quality.

It boasts an optimized electrolyte suspension system with a high-porosity AGM for the maximum ability to absorb and contain electrolytes.

Another beneficial feature of this cell is the maintenance-free operation.

It will save you a lot of time checking the gravity of electrolytes. Also, you don’t have to worry about refilling the liquid inside the tank during float service life.

This unit comes with standard terminals, which is relatively smaller than 12-volt batteries.

You can use medium size connection cable to transmit power from this unit.

For charging, you will need to buy an Absorbent Glass Mat specific charger but not to use a wet battery charge for this unit.


  • Deep-cycle battery that can discharge up to 80%
  • Two charing options of smart controlled charger or solar panel
  • A high-porosity AGM for exceptional performance
  • Heavy-duty lead-tin alloys for extended lifespan
  • Twelve-month warranty since purchasing


  • Require special AGM smart chargers

#3: Mighty Max Battery Camper Golf Cart Battery

Next on the list is the Mighty Max battery with excellent performance and extra protection. This unit is the ideal option for those who want a small yet powerful battery for their golf carts.

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 12.00” x 6.65” x 8.75”
  • Type: Sealed Lead-acid battery
  • Amperage: 220 Amp-hours
  • Weight: 63.50 lbs

The Mighty Max battery makes its way to this list thanks to the excellent versatility that you can hardly find in other products at the same price range.

It can be used in several applications such as household electronics, electric vehicles, engine starters, vehicle batteries, and of course golf carts.

In terms of performance, the Mighty Max battery features a heavy-duty calcium-alloy grid.

This offers exceptional performance and prolonged service life that you can trust.

Also, the AGM gel technology makes this unit one of the most powerful batteries.

When it comes to protection, you will be pleased with the valve-regulated design.

This thoughtfully designed allows this unit to perform exceptionally without leaking.

Besides, the SLA/AGM spill-proof design features a high discharge rate and a wide range of operating temperatures.

Also, the shock and vibration resistance will allow you to mount this best price 6-volt golf cart battery anywhere you want without being afraid of defective performance.

The Mighty max 6-volt golf cart battery is backed by a one-year warranty and 30 days of returning options.

You can rest assured about the reliability as Mighty Max is among the top manufacturer of electrical power supplies.

Also, this unit is maintenance-free, which will save you a lot of time checking and taking care of it.


  • SLA/AGM spill-proof design for excellent durability
  • Highly versatile for various applications
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Backed with one year warranty


  • Quickly discharge power

#4: Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart, Marine, RV Battery

The Amstron battery ranks among the high-class of AGM 6-volt golf cart batteries with exceptional performance and reliable durability.

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 10.24” x 7.09” x 10.79”
  • Type: AGM battery
  • Amperage: 210 Amp-hours
  • Weight: 68 lbs

Like other Absorbent Glass Mat batteries, the Amstron is superior compared to flooded lead-acid and gel lead-acid batteries.

The maintenance-free property of this battery makes it a hassle-free unit.

You don’t have to worry about adding water or liquid spillage.

Moreover, as it doesn’t contain free water, the Amstron battery will not be frozen in harsh environmental conditions.

Thus, it works perfectly under freezing temperatures.

Moreover, the anti-heat case will prevent the high temperature from affecting the battery’s performance, which makes this unit stand still under the weather effect.

In terms of performance, the Amstron battery can meet up all your requirements for a decent battery.

It features a low self-discharge rate that extends the use of the battery for a longer period of time.

Also, the environmental-friendly design of less than 4% gas emission makes it suitable for enclosed spaces.

With a thoughtful design to diminish the heat during charging and discharging, The AGM deep-cycle battery boasts a longer and more reliable cycle life.

Also, the plates are tightly packed to withstand vibration and shock, giving you the freedom to mount them whether you want.

About the lifespan of this battery, if you discharge the battery to 80%, you will get less than 800 cycles.

This battery can last for 2 years if you use the battery like that every day.

If you don’t take 80% depth of discharge, the lifespan of the battery will be relatively longer.


  • AGM technology
  • Long cycle life of up to 800
  • Maintenance-free property
  • Can be used under freezing temperature


  • Relatively heavy
  • More expensive compared to other products

#5: Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL-4CT: Automotive


Editor’s rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

The Lifeline Marine battery is a high-quality 6-volt deep-cycle battery that can bring you the durability that you can hardly find in other products.

Built to military standard, it can go through 1000 cycles at 50% depth of charge.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 10.28” x 7.06” x 9.92”
  • Type: AGM battery
  • Amperage: 220 Amp-hours
  • Weight: 66 lbs

Compared to other 6-volt golf cart batteries for RV in the market, the Lifeline Marine battery is superior in durability with 750 cycles at 80% depth discharge.

This lifespan is similar to the Amstron GC2 battery, and both of them are in the upper class of the field.

Produced in the United States, the Lifeline battery meets up the strict military safety standards with high-quality construction.

This battery will back you up no matter when you need power without leakage, cleaning up.

This AGM golf cart battery shows its superior performance against conventional batteries.

According to the quality construction, this battery will discharge 2% each month at a temperature of 77F.

Moreover, it will release gas of 2% by volume under normal working conditions, which makes it suitable for various applications.

Apart from the outstanding gas emission, the Lifeline battery can be charged with up to 550Amps power.

Thanks to low battery internal resistance, this unit has an exceptional lifespan of over 1000 cycles to 50% DOD, and 500 cycles to 100% DOD.

With a wide range of operating temperatures from -50F to 150F, this battery can work excellently under any conditions.

Also, the rough construction with shock and vibration resistance also makes this battery a worth-to-buy product.

The only downside of this battery is the weight and the price.

You will get what you paid for with this type of power unit. But you need to beware of its weight.


  • The exceptional lifespan of up to 1000 cycles
  • Powerful performance
  • Rough and anti-spillage construction
  • Wide range of working temperature


  • Much more expensive than conventional batteries

How To Buy The Right 6-Volt Batteries For Your Golf Carts

Relying on the criteria of a good golf cart battery is not enough for a wise purchase.

The biggest factor that you need to pay attention to is your demand.

But how does your application affect your choice? Find out in the following sections.

Battery Types

The first thing you need to consider is the type of battery.

There are three conventional golf cart batteries, flooded lead-acid cells, gel lead-acid cells, and AGM lead-acid cells.

Each type of cell is suitable for different tasks. So, it’s your turn to decide which type will meet your demands.

  • Flooded lead-acid batteries are the most common type of golf cart batteries. Known as the cheapest type among the three, they have a lead plate with sulphuric acid. This type of cell is the best choice for versatility as they come in a wide range of sizes. Also, they allow users to replace the water to refill the electrolytes. The downside of this type is you will need to add liquid or else it won’t last for long.
  • Gel lead-acid batteries are different from flooded lead-acid batteries as they have a silica gel seal to prevent the water from moving around. This type of power cell is perfect for those who use golf carts on the fairway and rough terrains. However, you will need a special charger for this type of household battery.
  • AGM lead-acid batteries are deep cycle batteries that you have known earlier. They feature a fiberglass separator to keep the electrolyte in its place. When it comes to durability, this type of cell is exceptionally reliable with high impact resistance and thicker plates. The only downside of this type is that it does not have a maintenance-free feature. Also, the price is significantly higher compared to the other two.

With that information about the benefits and disadvantages of each battery type, you can easily make your decision of the right kind.

Voltage and Amperage

The next thing you should determine is the battery voltage and amperage you should go for.

If you don’t know, the index of amperage per hour presents the amount of energy your battery can supply in a given amount of time.

As a result, the higher amperage, the better performance.

Voltage and Amperage

As you are looking for 6-volt electric golf cart batteries, your choosing range will be narrowed quite much.

However, it’s important to recheck the old battery label to make sure you are on the right track.

If you cannot see the name, count the number of holes on your battery.

Multiply them by two, and you will have the voltage you need to purchase.


Last but not least, you need to take into account the battery size.

Golf cart’s battery compartments can accommodate batteries of specific dimensions.

Furthermore, there is no standard for battery size or dimension. Hence, not any battery will fit this place perfectly.

Luckily, you can find the specific measurement of suitable batteries based on your old one.

And remember to check the product description of 6-volt golf cart batteries Amazon carefully before clicking the Purchase button.


Can you use 12-volt deep cycle batteries in a golf cart?

Yes. A 12-volt deep cycle battery can provide a golf cart with enough power to start.

Like 6-volt batteries, 12-volt marine batteries are gel lead-acid batteries, and they can be interchanged.

However, you will need to make some golf cart adjustments to make it compatible with 12-volt deep cycle batteries.

How long do 12-volt golf cart batteries last?

The lifespan of 12-volt golf cart batteries varies depending on maintenance.

Generally, they can last from 4 to 9 years of use, which is equal to 6-volt golf cart batteries.

However, the deep-cycle type of batteries will have a slightly shorter lifespan compared to the original version.

What is the difference between a golf cart battery and a deep cycle battery?

The biggest difference between a golf cart battery and a deep cycle battery is the usage time.

With a deep cycle battery, you can discharge it down up to 80% time after time.

It also features thicker solid lead plates, resulting in less surface area and less instant power than golf cart batteries.

How far will a 48-volt golf cart go?

48-volt golf carts are designed specifically for hilly areas.

After one charge, it can go from 40 to 45 miles depending on the speed.

Should you leave your golf cart charged all the time?

You should not keep your battery charged all the time as they are designed for charging, discharging, and recharging again.

Thus, plugging your golf cart into the power source all day is not a good practice of maintenance.

Also, the problem might become worse when the battery gets overheated. You should charge the battery after use and unplug it when full.

When do you need to add water to your golf cart batteries?

You will need to add water to your golf cart batteries when you see the water level is low.

Fully charge your battery before adding water to prevent acid from spilling over.

Remember to leave ½ inch from the top of the battery.

Don’t overfill it as you might dilute the electrolyte and the battery might spit out some liquid when it is charged.


Picking the right 6-volt golf cart batteries is not a big deal if you know thoroughly about this equipment.

By providing your golf cart with the best batteries, you can make the most out of this vehicle for fantastic golf courses.

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